The Cup Is Half Full!!

glasshalffullHello there!!!

OH WOW!!! You guys were NOT joking when you said you were excited about this event!! I’m so happy that you are all as enthusiastic about Coastal Magic as I am.

I just wanted to give another quick heads up, before registration begins, that I need to hear from you if you’re an author and would like to be considered for Featured Author status next February. I’ve gotten 17 spots *filled*, and about that many more who are seriously interested. I say “*filled*” because registration won’t officially start until April 1st, and a lot can change in 10 days.

I’m so happy that so many of the Featured Authors from last year want to come back for year two. I’m also very happy with the amount of “new to us” authors that are interested in joining us. It’s a good mix, and one that I think all the readers will appreciate.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ATTENDING COASTAL MAGIC CONVENTION AS A FEATURED AUTHOR… please, please, please email me. There is information you need to know before you make your final decision, and I need to make sure I don’t overbook us!!

Readers… if there’s an author you would like to see at Coastal Magic Convention, let me know!!! I’ve sent out a LOT of emails to authors in the last 2 weeks. Some are on my own personal “wish list”, and some are suggestions from Olde City, New Blood attendees. All are authors I would be honored to have with us in Daytona. If you can RESPECTFULLY (read: not in a spammy or creepy way) pass along our website info to the authors you’d like to be there, that would help. I can’t reach everyone with just the contacts I have, so we have to work together to get the word out!!

Also… authors who will be attending and interested in offering a sponsorship… opportunities are being claimed much quicker than I anticipated. Please let me know as soon as possible what you’d like to do. Thanks!!

Bloggers!!! I’ve gotten a few requests for Featured Blogger positions. If you’re interested, please email me soon. I’ll be sending out requirement information and working on filling those spots after Featured Author registration begins. I’d like to have the 10 positions filled by the time General Registration starts on July 1st.

I think that’s it for now. I’m really amazed at the way this has all started, and I’m so happy you’re all along for the ride!!!

Have an awesome weekend!!


7 Comments on “The Cup Is Half Full!!

  1. Oooh! I would love Karen Mining, Patricia Briggs, Laura Kaye and J. T. Geissinger please!

      • Karen is unavailable, unfortunately :-(… I believe Laura is planning to come back… will have to look into Patty and J. T. Geissinger 🙂 Thanks for the suggestions!! Hope to see you there!!

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