Featured Authors

This page will be updated with the 2015 Featured Authors as they are selected in late spring, early summer 2014.

If you’re an urban fantasy / paranormal romance author and are interested in participating in Featured Author status (participation in panels and meet & greets) at the 2015 Coastal Magic Convention, please email me at CoastalMagicConvention at gmail dot com. We encourage a mix of debut and established authors, indie and traditionally published authors, YA and adult themed authors, and new and returning authors. I try my best to balance our Featured Author list (approximately 50) to cover all of these elements, while creating a fun, dynamic group for our attendees. (And for each of YOU!)

Authors wishing to participate ONLY in the public charity booksigning can contact me at the same email address with their request.

I will start sending out information, and responding to requests, between the middle and end of March. I expect to have the complete* Featured Author list posted by the July 1st start of general registration.

*Featured Author list may change due to cancellation and/or director discretion. Please check back often for updates. 

**Previous Featured Authors Include:
Jennifer L Armentrout, Amber Belldene, Kait Ballenger, Jenna Bennett, Janet Breakfield, Boone Brux, K C Burn, Shannon K Butcher, Mary Calmes, Chelsea M Cameron, Amanda Carlson, Ashlyn Chase, Deborah Cooke, Karina Cooper, Delilah S Dawson, Lia Davis, Poppy Dennison, Lucienne Diver, Cynthia Eden, C J Ellison, Angie Fox, Lexi George, Nancy Haddock, Jess Haines, Janice Hardy, Molly Harper, Tess Hilaire, Alex Hughes, Sara Humphreys, Tawdra Kandle, Aria Kane, Laura Kaye, Erin Kellison, Kiernan Kelly, Ciara Knight, Gini Koch, C A Kunz, Amy Lane, Rosalie Lario, J A London, Laurie London, Diana Love, Mari Mancusi, Hildie McQueen, A R Moler, Elisabeth Naughton, Lea Nolan, Kristen Painter, Pamela Palmer, Caridad Pineiro, Erin Quinn, Sarah M Ross, Carrie Ann Ryan, J A Souders, Linnea Sinclair, Elisabeth Staab, Anthony Stevens, Damon Suede, Lori Toland, Shiloh Walker, Sandy Williams, James R Tuck, Rebecca Zanetti

11 thoughts on “Featured Authors

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    • As much as that would make my YEAR… I’m told she doesn’t travel much. If she WERE to attend a convention, I would imagine it would be something like RWA or RT. But I don’t think she even does that. Check her website around release dates for new books. She does do some “local to her” appearances, I believe.

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    • If your first choices for breakfast have cancelled, there are MANY Featured Authors who still have places available. With as many author options as there are, and other readers/bloggers attending who might like to join you, I hope you won’t consider yourself “out of luck”.

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