Are You A Blogger Who Wants To Be More Involved With Awesome Authors At Events? Coastal Magic Is Looking For YOU!


If you’re interested in participating at Coastal Magic next year, as a Featured Blogger, here’s your chance!! I’m looking for FOUR additional Featured Bloggers for next year’s event. This is the best way to be involved in the “behind the scenes” stuff, and it comes with a lot of (mostly) fun work, and a few cool perks.

If you’d like more info, please use this form to inquire. I’ll be looking through responses and making selections for the next few weeks. (Feel free to share this post, and/or pass this form link along to any blogger friends you have that may be interested. Thanks!!)

Some Changes For Coastal Magic Convention 2018

Hi all!!

Believe it or not, I’m not quite finished with my wrap up post from this year’s Coastal Magic. I’ll have that ready to share soon (getting permission to use some pics, and a few other hangups.)

HOWEVER… I wanted to let everyone know about a couple of pretty big changes for next year’s shindig.

First: Since we’re located in Daytona, and we get together in February, we’ve got to maneuver around “all things NASCAR”. Next year, the 500 moves up a week, and has basically thrown the whole tourist industry in town into a tizzy, lol!! We’ve had to move our convention weekend from the beginning of the month to the end. Next year’s Coastal Magic will be Feb 22-25. I get that this is going to be hard for some people, and that upsets me, but this is the best we can do for next year. Hopefully, we can get back to our regular weekend in 2019.


Second: Because of the race week change, and because I don’t contract out for multiple years at a time, our beloved Hilton is not available for us to use next year. While there are many things that made the Hilton a fantastic host for us, they weren’t the only option in town. One of my favorite hotels on the beach (and the runner up when I originally chose the Hilton) IS available, so we’ll be doing the 4 mile shuffle south to work with them next year!!

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As you might have noticed… The Shores is about a third the size of the hotel we’re used to (my estimate), but it is absolutely large enough for our group. It has a much warmer, cozy feel, which I think fits our casual vibe perfectly. They are the only AAA Four Diamond hotel in the area (with great reviews to match), and they seem determined to make us feel at home.

I’ll have more details about the hotel, and the other opportunities in the area up on the Hotel/Travel page of this site in the next few days.

For now… I just wanted to share the news, and give everyone a chance to mark their calendars and start making plans. I’d love to see you all (well… 300 of you, lol) next February, by the beach!!

Coastal Magic Convention 2017… One Week Away!! (AAAHHHHHH!!!)

I feel like the last month has FLOWN by, and the idea that we’re only a week away from seeing everyone for the 5th annual Coastal Magic is a bit mind boggling! It’s awesome, and also I’M NOT READY, lol!!

There’s always so much to do in the “home stretch”, so here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect between now and our weekend by the beach.

  1. Lunch with an Author signups!!
    Lots of people have been asking about this, it’s one of the highlights of the weekend. After the first couple of years, having to rearrange and adjust and try to re-seat disappointed readers… I learned that this has to be done as close to our event as possible. This *hopefully* bypasses the issue of people selecting to sit with an author, that author having to cancel for some reason, and then trying to find places for those readers with other author groups. This makes us all nervous, I know, and I’m sorry… but it’s necessary. In case you missed the social media posts (and a reminder, if you did see them) our signups for this year’s lunch will be SATURDAY, JAN 28th at 8PM, eastern. This will *hopefully* give readers in all time zones a fair opportunity to make their selections. Some things to remember about the lunch:

    1. Please be sure to have a list of authors you’re interested in spending your lunch with. Some authors will have their spots fill up almost immediately. This happens every year. While I understand that everyone has favorites, I also hope that we have enough fabulous authors in attendance that each of will have a long list to choose from.
    2. Consider selecting an author that you’ve never read, or someone you’re not familiar with. This is a great time to find new authors to add to your TBR lists!! And you just never know, you may start some fun new friendships.
    3. Authors will NOT be bringing any giveaways for the lunch groups. The focus here is spending time with each other and chatting. There are many other opportunities during the weekend for authors to share swag or goodies.
    4. I will post the link for the signups (we’ll be using again) on all of our social media and this blog at 7:30pm, and the link will go live at 8pm.
  2. Volunteer Signup Form!!
    This is the first year (after being asked for a couple of years) that we’ll have a volunteer signup! If you checked the box when you registered to help out for 1, 2, or 3 hours during the weekend, you’ll have the opportunity to sign up for specific time blocks. We’ll need some extra hands at the registration desk, setting up for activities, and more. Hopefully, everyone who’s interested will be able to find some times between their “can’t miss” panels. Thank you, in advance, for your help. The offers are very much appreciated!! I’ll have that signup form ready for you this weekend, as well. The link will be emailed to the address on your registration.
  3. We still have limited space available for single day and two day registrations. If you, or someone you know, wanted to come hang with us, but couldn’t get away for the whole convention — there’s still a chance to join us! The graphic below has the pricing and activity info for each day. Be sure to share it with your book loving, beach loving friends!cmcon17singledayreg1

There are a few more things up my sleeve for the next week… so keep your eyes on our social media (FB and Twitter) for additional updates.

Thank you all for your enthusiasm and excitement. I can’t wait to see everyone! (Actually, I can! I have more things to print, and lists to check off, and people to email… and, and, and… )