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Virtual Coastal Magic Convention 2021: We have Stuff!!

Convention goers of all types will tell you there are two universal reasons for attending (there are tons more, but two that we can all agree on)… ONE: Getting to meet people we admire, whether it be guests of the event, or fellow fans…… Continue Reading “Virtual Coastal Magic Convention 2021: We have Stuff!!”

#CMCon21 Reading Challenge is Underway!

Coastal Magic’s annual Reading Challenge is underway! The Reading Challenge is a fun way for readers to interact with each other, and with some of our Featured Authors, in the months before our weekend together. We have a separate Facebook group for chatting, posting… Continue Reading “#CMCon21 Reading Challenge is Underway!”

Some Virtual #CMCon21 Updates!

Hello, lovely readers!! I’ve got some updates to share!! In case you’ve missed it — we have finalized our Featured Author listing for #CMCon21! Huge thanks go to all of the authors willing to try this strange new thing with all of us this… Continue Reading “Some Virtual #CMCon21 Updates!”

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