Getting Started For Coastal Magic 2019: Featured Blogger Introductions

Well, HELLO THERE, everyone!!

It’s been a little while since our 2018 Coastal Magic weekend, I hope you’ve all got some great memories from that event, and are ready to make some more at #CMCon19!

Some of the first things I have to do in the planning process are find amazing authors for you to get excited about, and incredible bloggers to help us get to know them all. The Featured Author announcement will be coming at the end of this month, but right now I’d like you to meet our Featured Blogger group.

 Jackie –

Literary Escapism

Laura –


Jay –


Tamye –

BCC Header

Scherry –


Yvonne –


Jeff & Will –


Rae –


Mandie –


Some of these will be familiar faces. (Laura’s been with me since the first year!) Not only do they work hard to promote our authors and the convention BEFORE our weekend, they moderate our panels and do SO MUCH to help make sure Coastal Magic runs smoothly. I’m thrilled to have so many returning bloggers, and excited to get to work with some amazing new peeps.

The blogs these ladies and gents represent cover such a wide variety of genres and target audiences, kinda like us! Each month, from July through February, they will host Featured Author Spotlights. This is where you get the chance to learn a little more about each of our Featured Authors, get familiar with their writing before the event, and even win a prize or two! In addition to their own monthly posts, these will be the blogs involved in any of our convention sponsored blog events, to promote Coastal Magic and/or the authors. Those will generally happen around a holiday, and will all involve contests. 🙂

So… give these blogs a peek. Be sure to subscribe to them, and/or follow all of their social media outlets, so you don’t miss any of the fun!

A Few Coastal Magic (#CMCon16) Updates

Hello, my lovelies!!!

It’s July, which for us in Florida means crazy hotness, interrupted by daily, afternoon monsoons. I hope you’re all enjoying whatever YOUR summer is bringing you!

And speaking of July… our registration opened up for the 2016 edition of Coastal Magic!! I know most of you already knew this, but in case you missed it… you can now get your full weekend registration for next February. This covers all our panels, meet & greets, and evening activities. It also gives you an opportunity to get discounted tickets for our off-site activity (Supernatural Lasertag, anyone??) Everyone will also receive a cool welcome bag, full of books/swag/novelties from our Featured Authors, signing authors, and even some authors who aren’t attending! Our Welcome bags are always pretty amazing, if I do say so, myself. 🙂

Register Now Icon

Our group block at our host hotel, the Hilton Daytona Beach OceanWalk Resort is just about full. I’m working on getting rooms added (not sure if this will be possible, so I’ll keep everyone posted), and am checking with nearby hotels about rate matching. There are about 13 hotels within less than a mile’s distance north and south of our Hilton. Staying at the host hotel is important to the event, and it is certainly convenient… but there are PLENTY of rooms in the very near vicinity if we do sell out of Hilton rooms. I’ll be updating the Travel page of this site with other hotel options soon, just in case we do sell out and aren’t able to add any additional rooms onto our block.

Thanks to a reader in our Coastal Magic Authors & Attendees Facebook group, we just learned that JetBlue will be adding new routes in their schedule, straight to the Daytona Beach International Airport!! Anyone able to fly into there (many, but not all, airlines) will be only 15 minutes from our hotel!! (Orlando or Jacksonville are the other alternatives, and are each approximately 90 minutes away.)

Now… having gotten the details shared… a few people have asked for a quick visual of our Featured Author listing. Here ya go…

CMCFAlisting1In addition to these awesome authors (and there’ll be a few more names added throughout the summer), we’ve got some fantastic non-featured authors who’ll be participating in the signing. The complete list is on our Charity Book Signing page, but for quick reference, some other authors who’ll be with us for the signing are…

Shannon Bell
Asa Maria Bradley
Heidi Cullinan
Alexa Grace
Andrew Grey
Debra Jess
Ambrielle Kirk (awa Amber Ella Monroe)
Evelyn Lederman
M J O’Shea
Valerie Twombly
Onyx Webb
(more to be added throughout the summer)

So… as you can see, we’ll have plenty of new and returning faces to hang out with. I’m SO excited!!

Another reason to be excited is YOU HAVE THREE DAYS LEFT TO ENTER TO WIN THE FEATURED BLOGGER GRAND SWAG PRIZE!!! After you’ve registered, be sure to click to enter the super-crazy-cool contest our Featured Bloggers have put together for you. You KNOW they’ve got the best swag/books (some signed!)/ebook codes/novelties… and they’re going to send some of it to YOU! 12 bloggers are each contributing a stack of goodies, and you’ve got a TON of chances to win! It all ends on July 15th, so if you’ve already registered… click the button to start entering. If you haven’t registered yet… now’s a great time to take care of that, and enter to win some incredible goodies, while you’re at it.


Thanks to everyone who’s been sharing the info about Coastal Magic. Word of mouth and the strength of our social media connections is the main way people find out about our little shindig. Make sure all of your reading buddies know you’re coming to hang out with us… share our info in your reading groups and book clubs. Because of YOU, and our fantabulous authors, we’re going to have an amazing February!

2016 Coastal Magic Featured Bloggers Announcement

Hello all!!

There is absolutely, positively, without question, NO WAY ON EARTH that Coastal Magic would be as successful as it has been every year without the contribution and dedication of our Featured Bloggers. These ladies volunteer their time and energy before, and during the convention. They’re passionate about books and authors, and give so much heart to this event. I’m very grateful to have them, and I’m thrilled to announce our Featured Blogger lineup for the 2016 convention. (You’ll see a few familiar names on the list… huge thanks to those who’ve been with me for 2, 3, and 4 years!)


Chelle from Literal Addiction

Jenese from Readers Confession

Laura from Little Read Riding Hood

Christen from Goldilox and the Three Weres

Danielle from Ramblings From This Chick

FranJessca from Book Lovin’ Mamas

Melanie from FangFreakinTastic Reviews

Jackie from Literary Escapism

Kimberly from Book Obsessed Chicks

DaVinciKittie (Sue) from GraveTells

Jay from Joyfully Jay

DiDi from Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

Be sure to check out each of these ladies’ awesome sites. In the next few months, you’ll see a lot of information about Coastal Magic, and our Featured Authors. As in years past, each of the Featured Bloggers will be hosting monthly spotlights with our Featured Authors. You’re not going to want to miss those. (You can check our Featured Bloggers page, tabbed above, to catch a weekly wrap up of all their post links.) We’ll also be doing fun “blog hop” type events, twitter takeovers, and (starting June 1st) Facebook Featured Author Reveals.

Again, I want to thank these ladies for agreeing to be a part of Coastal Magic, and for helping to make it so amazing for all of us.

The next BIG THING everyone should keep an eye open for is the start of our Featured Author announcements!! The lovely ladies listed above and I will be revealing our 2016 authors, one by one, throughout the month of June. Each day will be a new reason to get excited, and I can’t WAIT to share!! Then, registration begins on July 1st… so mark your calendars!

Coastal Magic – Feb 4-7, 2016 – SAVE THE DATE!!!

I know it’s only April… but the convention “powers that be” have declared I’ve spent enough time lollygagging around after the funness that was the 2015 Coastal Magic, and get started on the 2016 edition. And, so we have


We’ve got a little bit of a site redesign going on, and there will likely be more to come before summertime. I love the new “swish” graphic under the name. It kinda looks like pages open on a book, and it kinda looks like waves on water… and BOTH apply! ❤

So… down to the nitty gritty… I’m at the start of the 2016 prep, but I’ve already invited some pretty amazing authors to join us. (Many have already agreed… aren’t you dying to know who?) This is the part of the process that is the most fun for me, because (as I’ve said many times) Coastal Magic started out PURELY as a way to bring authors I loved closer to me, lol. It was totally selfish, and yet somehow it’s become this incredible thing that I’m so proud to share with my fellow readers.

This is a good time to post my disclaimer, as I do each year, to clarify the Featured Author selection process. There isn’t an “open signup” for authors. I’ve been told I’m too picky, and/or that I restrict the process too much because I invite authors that *I* would want to read. I’m sorry people feel that way, and I’m happy to consider anyone’s suggestion of an author they’d like to see at the convention. I’ve often included debut authors, or authors I’ve only discovered due to an email from them or one of their readers. Having said that, I DO have to monitor the balance, in order to make the event successful. I have to hope that some established authors will want come to hang with us, as well as the “new to me” authors. Whether it’s a pretty truth or not, the established authors draw the crowds for the newer authors, it’s just a fact. I want to give EVERYONE a chance to have a fantastic time, meet their favorite storytellers, and discover their NEXT favorites. I try to incorporate as much variety as I can… YA/adult, traditional/hybrid/indie publishing, UF/PNR/Romance genres, straight/LGBT… I want there to be something for every reader who joins us. In order to do that, I have to make choices. PLEASE, let me know if there’s someone you think I should invite, but please remember that there are a limited number of Featured Author spaces available. There are a multitude of ways that non-featured authors can share about their book during the weekend, and I’m happy to work through those details with anyone who asks. I do my best to create the most inclusive, dynamic, and FUN event I can for all of us.

Speaking of fun… I’ve updated many of the “events” pages. This is handy, because you can share it easily with others you think might like to come. So if you’ll be joining us next February, and this is your kind of thing, you can click the “going” on:

Facebook Event Page          G+ Event Page

There’s also a Coastal Magic Authors & Attendees group on Facebook, if you want to come chat with us about things relating to the con. (Right now, we’re having a t-shirt options discussion.)

Our basic timeline right now is:

  • April/May – author emails going out
  • May – Featured Bloggers announced
  • June – Featured Authors announcements begin
  • July – General Registration begins
  • November – Schedule posted
  • December – General Registration ends
  • January – ALL OF THE CRAZY
  • February – see you by the beach!

The attendance goals for this year are 50 Featured Authors and 200-250 readers. Every year (as I imagine other event directors do) I spend a part of the process freaking out about attendance. I share, post, and tweet… but I can only reach so many people. Here’s where YOU ALL can help!!! If Coastal Magic sounds like fun to you… tell your friends about it! Share it with your writer/reader/blogger group. Repost and retweet when you see it mentioned online. Tag friends and invite them to the event via social media. I do this event with my book club, and I’d love to see lots of other groups of friends who’ve come to the event together. THAT’S the kind of vibe I’m looking for, and what keeps people coming back year after year.

If you’re not familiar with Coastal Magic (maybe a friend sent you a link to this post)… there are some wrap-up posts from previous events HERE, that you can check out. (I didn’t add the FB album links for this year yet, but that will be coming soon.)

A Few Updates: Mid July Edition

executor-checklistWell, hello there, my lovelies!!

WE MADE IT THROUGH THE FIRST TWO WEEKS OF REGISTRATION!!! *passes out party hats & tosses confetti*

I always get so crazy around time for registration to start, because I always feel like I should be doing MORE OF THE THINGS!!! But I think we had a good start this year, and at least I know I won’t be standing around the Daytona Hilton with a bunch of authors all by myself! Thank you all for that. 🙂

BUT… we have just begun, and there is PLENTY of room for more readers. I’d love to give these amazing authors full rooms for panels, lots of fans at their meet & greets, and keep them busy with chats and mingles throughout the weekend. If you haven’t already registered… I would urge you NOT to wait until the last minute, because there IS a limit to attendance (225), and I’m not sure when we’ll reach that total.

Also… if you’re planning to reserve a hotel room for the convention (and you’ve registered, or will be registering very soon), be sure to do that as soon as you’re able. I’m working much more closely with our group rep this year, but I can’t guarantee that we won’t sell our block out like last year. PLEASE don’t reserve a room unless you’re pretty darn sure you’ll be attending. Space is limited, and I’d hate to have rooms cancelled at the last minute that registered attendees could have used. Thanks for extending this courtesy.

As far as Featured Authors go… I just added FIVE more names/faces to the Featured Author list, between last night and today. Have you checked to see all of the INCREDIBLE authors who’ll be joining us??? I really, REALLY can’t wait to meet some of the new faces, and I’m so looking forward to catching up with old friends. I think we’ve got a fantastic lineup so far, and I’ve still got a few more names to add!

**Please keep in mind that these were authors I’d already been in contact with about their spots, NOT new author requests. All new Featured Author requests are being automatically added to a waitlist. This has been the case for some time now.**

When it gets closer to the end of the year, I’ll be getting the schedule put together. And in January, we’ll be setting up for our “Meal with an Author” and “Supernatural Lasertag Team” selections. If you HAVE registered, keep an eye out for more information about those around holiday time. (Remember… if you’re planning to join a lasertag team, you’ll have to get the Daytona Lagoon ticket in addition to your registration.)

For those who might be interested… right now is a really busy time for me behind the curtain. I’m working on checking out and confirming cool vendors for everyone to peek through between the panels, collecting information from authors about scheduling and book ordering, and setting up sponsors to help make things even more awesomer for everyone! **Speaking of, if you’re an author, publicist, or publisher rep who’d like to contribute items to our welcome bags, door prizes, or raffle baskets, you can reach me through the form or email on the contact page. There are also sponsorship opportunities available. Please contact me for details.**

CMCFeaturedAuthor  CMCFeaturedBlogger

Something fun for everyone to be looking for are all of the Featured Author spotlights that will be popping up!! Our Featured Bloggers will be doing interviews, hosting guest posts, doing reviews, and including all kinds of other fun stuff with our Featured Authors on their sites. Be sure to follow the convention Twitter and/or Facebook page for alerts when these posts go live. You can also check back on our Featured Blogger page every so often, as we’re trying to keep that updated weekly with any new posts.

Ok… I think that’s it for now. I just wanted to thank you all for hanging in and getting through the last couple of weeks with me. It’s been all kinds of crazy. I’ll check back in a few weeks to give another quick update.

I’d love for everyone reading this to share it with someone they think would enjoy Coastal Magic. It’s all about the readers, and hanging out with others who love the stories and the storytellers. So share the info, bring your friends, and let’s have a fantastic time by the beach!!

Bye for now 🙂