Getting Started For Coastal Magic 2019: Featured Blogger Introductions

Well, HELLO THERE, everyone!!

It’s been a little while since our 2018 Coastal Magic weekend, I hope you’ve all got some great memories from that event, and are ready to make some more at #CMCon19!

Some of the first things I have to do in the planning process are find amazing authors for you to get excited about, and incredible bloggers to help us get to know them all. The Featured Author announcement will be coming at the end of this month, but right now I’d like you to meet our Featured Blogger group.

 Jackie –

Literary Escapism

Laura –


Jay –


Tamye –

BCC Header

Scherry –


Yvonne –


Jeff & Will –


Rae –


Mandie –


Some of these will be familiar faces. (Laura’s been with me since the first year!) Not only do they work hard to promote our authors and the convention BEFORE our weekend, they moderate our panels and do SO MUCH to help make sure Coastal Magic runs smoothly. I’m thrilled to have so many returning bloggers, and excited to get to work with some amazing new peeps.

The blogs these ladies and gents represent cover such a wide variety of genres and target audiences, kinda like us! Each month, from July through February, they will host Featured Author Spotlights. This is where you get the chance to learn a little more about each of our Featured Authors, get familiar with their writing before the event, and even win a prize or two! In addition to their own monthly posts, these will be the blogs involved in any of our convention sponsored blog events, to promote Coastal Magic and/or the authors. Those will generally happen around a holiday, and will all involve contests. 🙂

So… give these blogs a peek. Be sure to subscribe to them, and/or follow all of their social media outlets, so you don’t miss any of the fun!

A Few Updates: Mid July Edition

executor-checklistWell, hello there, my lovelies!!

WE MADE IT THROUGH THE FIRST TWO WEEKS OF REGISTRATION!!! *passes out party hats & tosses confetti*

I always get so crazy around time for registration to start, because I always feel like I should be doing MORE OF THE THINGS!!! But I think we had a good start this year, and at least I know I won’t be standing around the Daytona Hilton with a bunch of authors all by myself! Thank you all for that. 🙂

BUT… we have just begun, and there is PLENTY of room for more readers. I’d love to give these amazing authors full rooms for panels, lots of fans at their meet & greets, and keep them busy with chats and mingles throughout the weekend. If you haven’t already registered… I would urge you NOT to wait until the last minute, because there IS a limit to attendance (225), and I’m not sure when we’ll reach that total.

Also… if you’re planning to reserve a hotel room for the convention (and you’ve registered, or will be registering very soon), be sure to do that as soon as you’re able. I’m working much more closely with our group rep this year, but I can’t guarantee that we won’t sell our block out like last year. PLEASE don’t reserve a room unless you’re pretty darn sure you’ll be attending. Space is limited, and I’d hate to have rooms cancelled at the last minute that registered attendees could have used. Thanks for extending this courtesy.

As far as Featured Authors go… I just added FIVE more names/faces to the Featured Author list, between last night and today. Have you checked to see all of the INCREDIBLE authors who’ll be joining us??? I really, REALLY can’t wait to meet some of the new faces, and I’m so looking forward to catching up with old friends. I think we’ve got a fantastic lineup so far, and I’ve still got a few more names to add!

**Please keep in mind that these were authors I’d already been in contact with about their spots, NOT new author requests. All new Featured Author requests are being automatically added to a waitlist. This has been the case for some time now.**

When it gets closer to the end of the year, I’ll be getting the schedule put together. And in January, we’ll be setting up for our “Meal with an Author” and “Supernatural Lasertag Team” selections. If you HAVE registered, keep an eye out for more information about those around holiday time. (Remember… if you’re planning to join a lasertag team, you’ll have to get the Daytona Lagoon ticket in addition to your registration.)

For those who might be interested… right now is a really busy time for me behind the curtain. I’m working on checking out and confirming cool vendors for everyone to peek through between the panels, collecting information from authors about scheduling and book ordering, and setting up sponsors to help make things even more awesomer for everyone! **Speaking of, if you’re an author, publicist, or publisher rep who’d like to contribute items to our welcome bags, door prizes, or raffle baskets, you can reach me through the form or email on the contact page. There are also sponsorship opportunities available. Please contact me for details.**

CMCFeaturedAuthor  CMCFeaturedBlogger

Something fun for everyone to be looking for are all of the Featured Author spotlights that will be popping up!! Our Featured Bloggers will be doing interviews, hosting guest posts, doing reviews, and including all kinds of other fun stuff with our Featured Authors on their sites. Be sure to follow the convention Twitter and/or Facebook page for alerts when these posts go live. You can also check back on our Featured Blogger page every so often, as we’re trying to keep that updated weekly with any new posts.

Ok… I think that’s it for now. I just wanted to thank you all for hanging in and getting through the last couple of weeks with me. It’s been all kinds of crazy. I’ll check back in a few weeks to give another quick update.

I’d love for everyone reading this to share it with someone they think would enjoy Coastal Magic. It’s all about the readers, and hanging out with others who love the stories and the storytellers. So share the info, bring your friends, and let’s have a fantastic time by the beach!!

Bye for now 🙂