Will You Be With Us In Daytona for #CMCon19?

We’re in the final weeks before this year’s Coastal Magic Convention, and we’ve still got a few spaces for YOU!! Have you seen our awesome lineup of authors who are waiting to hang out with you?


And if you’re a convention junkie (like me), and plan to attend multiple events in our area this year… we’ve got a deal for you!!


In a fantastic partnership with Orlando’s Indie Bookfest (Aug 1-4, 2019), we’re going to save you some money!! When you register for Coastal Magic Convention (using this link on the registration page), be sure to include the #CMCIBF19 hashtag in the notes to receive a discount code for IBF19!

We’d love to have you with us for a weekend of bookish shenanigans, and some Mardi Gras fun, to boot! Panels, prizes, meet & greets, and lots of chatting with authors and other readers.

Come spend a weekend with us, celebrating the magic of stories and storytellers.

New Buzzfeed Community Blog About Coastal Magic!

Hello all!! Just in time for anyone who’s still on the fence about registering for Coastal Magic, Buzzfeed Community and I have listed 10 solid reasons you should do it! (Not to mention, some fun gifs to illustrate the point, lol!)

Time is running out for weekend registration, just a couple of weeks left! And February will be here before you know it!

So click the sneak peek below (the first benefit to attending) to check out this fun post on Buzzfeed. Then, sign up to come hang with some awesome authors and readers by the beach


2016 Coastal Magic Featured Bloggers Announcement

Hello all!!

There is absolutely, positively, without question, NO WAY ON EARTH that Coastal Magic would be as successful as it has been every year without the contribution and dedication of our Featured Bloggers. These ladies volunteer their time and energy before, and during the convention. They’re passionate about books and authors, and give so much heart to this event. I’m very grateful to have them, and I’m thrilled to announce our Featured Blogger lineup for the 2016 convention. (You’ll see a few familiar names on the list… huge thanks to those who’ve been with me for 2, 3, and 4 years!)


Chelle from Literal Addiction

Jenese from Readers Confession

Laura from Little Read Riding Hood

Christen from Goldilox and the Three Weres

Danielle from Ramblings From This Chick

FranJessca from Book Lovin’ Mamas

Melanie from FangFreakinTastic Reviews

Jackie from Literary Escapism

Kimberly from Book Obsessed Chicks

DaVinciKittie (Sue) from GraveTells

Jay from Joyfully Jay

DiDi from Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

Be sure to check out each of these ladies’ awesome sites. In the next few months, you’ll see a lot of information about Coastal Magic, and our Featured Authors. As in years past, each of the Featured Bloggers will be hosting monthly spotlights with our Featured Authors. You’re not going to want to miss those. (You can check our Featured Bloggers page, tabbed above, to catch a weekly wrap up of all their post links.) We’ll also be doing fun “blog hop” type events, twitter takeovers, and (starting June 1st) Facebook Featured Author Reveals.

Again, I want to thank these ladies for agreeing to be a part of Coastal Magic, and for helping to make it so amazing for all of us.

The next BIG THING everyone should keep an eye open for is the start of our Featured Author announcements!! The lovely ladies listed above and I will be revealing our 2016 authors, one by one, throughout the month of June. Each day will be a new reason to get excited, and I can’t WAIT to share!! Then, registration begins on July 1st… so mark your calendars!

Coastal Magic – Feb 4-7, 2016 – SAVE THE DATE!!!

I know it’s only April… but the convention “powers that be” have declared I’ve spent enough time lollygagging around after the funness that was the 2015 Coastal Magic, and get started on the 2016 edition. And, so we have


We’ve got a little bit of a site redesign going on, and there will likely be more to come before summertime. I love the new “swish” graphic under the name. It kinda looks like pages open on a book, and it kinda looks like waves on water… and BOTH apply! ❤

So… down to the nitty gritty… I’m at the start of the 2016 prep, but I’ve already invited some pretty amazing authors to join us. (Many have already agreed… aren’t you dying to know who?) This is the part of the process that is the most fun for me, because (as I’ve said many times) Coastal Magic started out PURELY as a way to bring authors I loved closer to me, lol. It was totally selfish, and yet somehow it’s become this incredible thing that I’m so proud to share with my fellow readers.

This is a good time to post my disclaimer, as I do each year, to clarify the Featured Author selection process. There isn’t an “open signup” for authors. I’ve been told I’m too picky, and/or that I restrict the process too much because I invite authors that *I* would want to read. I’m sorry people feel that way, and I’m happy to consider anyone’s suggestion of an author they’d like to see at the convention. I’ve often included debut authors, or authors I’ve only discovered due to an email from them or one of their readers. Having said that, I DO have to monitor the balance, in order to make the event successful. I have to hope that some established authors will want come to hang with us, as well as the “new to me” authors. Whether it’s a pretty truth or not, the established authors draw the crowds for the newer authors, it’s just a fact. I want to give EVERYONE a chance to have a fantastic time, meet their favorite storytellers, and discover their NEXT favorites. I try to incorporate as much variety as I can… YA/adult, traditional/hybrid/indie publishing, UF/PNR/Romance genres, straight/LGBT… I want there to be something for every reader who joins us. In order to do that, I have to make choices. PLEASE, let me know if there’s someone you think I should invite, but please remember that there are a limited number of Featured Author spaces available. There are a multitude of ways that non-featured authors can share about their book during the weekend, and I’m happy to work through those details with anyone who asks. I do my best to create the most inclusive, dynamic, and FUN event I can for all of us.

Speaking of fun… I’ve updated many of the “events” pages. This is handy, because you can share it easily with others you think might like to come. So if you’ll be joining us next February, and this is your kind of thing, you can click the “going” on:

Facebook Event Page          G+ Event Page

There’s also a Coastal Magic Authors & Attendees group on Facebook, if you want to come chat with us about things relating to the con. (Right now, we’re having a t-shirt options discussion.)

Our basic timeline right now is:

  • April/May – author emails going out
  • May – Featured Bloggers announced
  • June – Featured Authors announcements begin
  • July – General Registration begins
  • November – Schedule posted
  • December – General Registration ends
  • January – ALL OF THE CRAZY
  • February – see you by the beach!

The attendance goals for this year are 50 Featured Authors and 200-250 readers. Every year (as I imagine other event directors do) I spend a part of the process freaking out about attendance. I share, post, and tweet… but I can only reach so many people. Here’s where YOU ALL can help!!! If Coastal Magic sounds like fun to you… tell your friends about it! Share it with your writer/reader/blogger group. Repost and retweet when you see it mentioned online. Tag friends and invite them to the event via social media. I do this event with my book club, and I’d love to see lots of other groups of friends who’ve come to the event together. THAT’S the kind of vibe I’m looking for, and what keeps people coming back year after year.

If you’re not familiar with Coastal Magic (maybe a friend sent you a link to this post)… there are some wrap-up posts from previous events HERE, that you can check out. (I didn’t add the FB album links for this year yet, but that will be coming soon.)

4 Days Left For Special Registration Discount!!

The lovely folks at RT Book Reviews blog have been so awesome, they helped us launch a special deal for Coastal Magic weekend registration. We’re down to the last 4 days to take advantage of the discount, so if you’re looking for a book lovers’ vacation by the beach with incredible authors… here’s your chance!!! Check out the post from the RT blog to get their special code!!

Hope to see you all there!!!