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2016 Coastal Magic Featured Bloggers Announcement

Hello all!! There is absolutely, positively, without question, NO WAY ON EARTH that Coastal Magic would be as successful as it has been every year without the contribution and dedication of our Featured Bloggers. These ladies volunteer their time and energy before, and during… Continue Reading “2016 Coastal Magic Featured Bloggers Announcement”

Coastal Magic – Feb 4-7, 2016 – SAVE THE DATE!!!

I know it’s only April… but the convention “powers that be” have declared I’ve spent enough time lollygagging around after the funness that was the 2015 Coastal Magic, and get started on the 2016 edition. And, so we have We’ve got a little bit… Continue Reading “Coastal Magic – Feb 4-7, 2016 – SAVE THE DATE!!!”

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