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Single Day Registrations and LEGEND OF HERCULES!!!

Well hello there!! Time is rolling along, and whether I’m ready or not, February 5th will be here SO SOON!!! *flails madly* A couple of quick notes and updates for everyone… 1 – Single (and multiple) day registrations are available… check out the info… Continue Reading “Single Day Registrations and LEGEND OF HERCULES!!!”

4 Days Left For Special Registration Discount!!

The lovely folks at RT Book Reviews blog have been so awesome, they helped us launch a special deal for Coastal Magic weekend registration. We’re down to the last 4 days to take advantage of the discount, so if you’re looking for a book lovers’… Continue Reading “4 Days Left For Special Registration Discount!!”

I Made A Thing!!

I saw a promotional image like this for another convention earlier today, and have seen these types of graphics in the past, as well. I’m still hoping to confirm a few other authors between now and the end of the summer (I’ll update the… Continue Reading “I Made A Thing!!”

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