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Don’t Miss Cinema Craptastique at RT Convention!!

Cinema Craptastique makes it’s yearly RT Convention appearance on Tuesday, May 12th, from 5:30pm to 8:00pm CST (complete with the brilliant & hilarious Damon Suede and his equally brilliant & hilarious friends leading the shenanigans). Be sure to catch all the HURCULEAN fun times in person… …… Continue Reading “Don’t Miss Cinema Craptastique at RT Convention!!”

Single Day Registrations and LEGEND OF HERCULES!!!

Well hello there!! Time is rolling along, and whether I’m ready or not, February 5th will be here SO SOON!!! *flails madly* A couple of quick notes and updates for everyone… 1 – Single (and multiple) day registrations are available… check out the info… Continue Reading “Single Day Registrations and LEGEND OF HERCULES!!!”

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