Announcing The #CMCon22 Author Workshop From The Writing Garage

Since we had to go virtual — and not everyone who WANTED to take this class were able to make the original time/date, Tere is offering two encores! If you’d like to take the class… the link to register and other class info below still applies, additional dates/times are:

– Friday, March 4, 7pm EST
– Saturday, March 5, 3pm EST

If you register for one of the two new dates, please specify in the “add a note” section of your payment with which day/date you’d like. Thank you!

Hello all!!

I’m so happy to share that The Writing Garage (led by #CMCon22 Featured Author Tere Michaels) will be returning with a new author craft class at our upcoming virtual Coastal Magic weekend!!

MAKING IT MARVELOUS: Using The Lessons Of The MCU(TM) To Write Better Series

Those who’ve taken classes in the past will remember that they’re full of fun, knowledge, and inspiration. If you’re an author, or would like to be, this is a fantastic way to kick off the weekend before the official Coastal Magic schedule begins. All the workshop info is below, along with a link to register.

Workshop: “MAKING IT MARVELOUS: Using The Lessons Of The MCU(TM) To Write Better Series”
Instructor: Tere Michaels
Date/Time: Thurs, Feb 24 / 10am – 2pm (includes break)
Cost: $35
Registration Link:
— Please include the name on your Coastal Magic registration in the “add a note” section of payment.
— Please register each attendee separately. Thank you.
— If you have any questions, please email Jennifer at

#CMCon22 End of Summer Catch Up & Reminders


It’s been a loooooooong summer, and yet, it feels like time’s moving SO quickly!! Does anyone else feel that way, lol?? I hope you’ve all been well, and that you’ve been reading AMAZING books. (Feel free to share authors/titles that you’ve loved recently in the comments!)

Today we’re catching up a bit, and teasing a fun, interactive activity/contest for this month!!

I hope you’re all aware, at this point, that registration for our 10th anniversary Coastal Magic Convention weekend has been open and has a new process for this year. (Hopefully, we’ll be back to the regular way of doing things for next year.) If you haven’t registered to be with us at the beach yet, you can do so HERE. We’d love to see you!

If you’d like to arrive in style (or chill at home in style, lol), we have some cool options for shirts and other thingamajigs HERE. They’re super comfy, and (if I do say so myself) very cute. 🙂 I’d love to see pics of you in your Coastal Magic gear!

Tomorrow night (10/7/21), we’re having a virtual GAME NIGHT!! Everyone is welcome to come play along with a few of our Featured Authors and other readers. This is our third game night, and they’ve all been so much fun! All you need is the link to join the Zoom (will be posted HERE, when it’s game time), a second device to play the games on, and your party hat! 🙂

In case you missed it — we’ve had a couple CMCChats, and we’ve got more planned for this fall/winter. Here are links to the chats we’ve already had
– Spectacular Summer Reads with David R Slayton, Kari Lemor, Sasha Summers, and Jen DeLuca
– Fictional Friendships with Tonya Kappes, Tere Michaels, and Kait Ballenger

Watch for announcements in our Authors & Attendees group about our upcoming CMCChats:
– To Insta, or Not To Insta (chat about Insta-Love in romance)
– How Do YOU Halloween?
– Heating Up The Holidays
– Foodie Holidays & Stories
– Where In The World?
– Let The Music Play

And our last reminder — our Reading Challenge is going strong, and has plenty of shenanigans to go around! If you’d like to join our group, and check out some awesome books from our incredible lineup of Featured Authors, we’d love to have you!! There is a recommended reading list/schedule (that you can follow, or not), monthly and cumulative prizes, author spotlights and chats, group reads, reader chats, and even a weekly group watch of the Great British Bake Off, just for the heck of it!! Our crew has a blast, and they’re always looking for other book loving friends to join the fun. Check out the Reading Challenge group HERE!

CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW TO SEE OUR HALLOWEEN/FALL THEMED ACTIVITY/CONTEST FOR THE MONTH OF OCTOBER! And if you’re participating in the reading challenge — there’s a chance to earn an extra Activity point!!

#CMCon22 Reading Halloweengo

Happy October, everyone!

For some easy peasy funtimes this month, I’ve created a Reading Halloween BINGO that I’ve renamed Haloweengo! Some of the items are tied to Coastal Magic Convention Featured Authors, and some are simply using holiday themes and/or characters. I hope you all have fun with it!! Here’s how to play:

1. Download/Copy/Print the Halloweengo card…

2. Mark off whichever items you complete. (ex: reading a book that matches the description, finding an IG post that fulfills the description, take a pic that completes the description)

3. To enter your completed BINGO into the contest drawing, you must…
a – post your completed BINGO card image on the social media platform of your choice with the hashtag #CMCon22Halloweengo
b – list the author/title/link of the three items that completed your BINGO (ex: If you mark off the square for a book that mentions a black cat, you would list the title/author of the book you read that mentions the black cat. If you mark the square for taking a pic of your current read with a Halloween snack, include the pic, or the link where you shared the pic.)

4. You may enter more than once, if you complete more than one BINGO. However, a book may only be used to complete ONE square on the card. (ex: You can’t use the same book for the black cat square AND for the orange cover square.) Each new BINGO would need to have it’s own post, using the hashtag and including the list of completed items. Up to 8 entries per reader. 🙂

5. Reading Halloweengo will start today (10/6/21) and go through Halloween night (11:59 PT, 10/31/21). One winner will be chosen from all qualifying entries. Winner will receive one digital copy of a book of their choice by one of our #CMCon22 Featured Authors.

6. If you’re participating in our Reading Challenge, you may also complete the form to claim one additional Activity Point after you complete your first BINGO. You’re welcome to continue playing for more Halloweengo contest entries, but the Activity Points are limited to one per reader.

If it’s easier, or you need to refer back, these instructions will be posted in our Coastal Magic Convention Authors and Attendees group, as well. If you do not use social media, you can still play along and send your completed Halloweengo card images and corresponding info to me via email to enter… 🙂

Have fun, and good luck, everyone!!

*Freebie Alert** Free Reads Available From Participating #CMCon22 Authors!


Check out this collection of stories from participating Coastal Magic Featured Authors! This is our third year putting out a Prolific Works collection of free snippets and stories from some of your Coastal Magic Featured Authors. Some are full novels, some are short stories, and some are even sneak peeks from upcoming releases. Just scroll through the listings and download the stories you want.

This is a great way to check out some of the authors you’ll get to hang out with in Daytona during our weekend. 🙂 You can download one store, or ALL of the stories, lol!!! The collection is available now, through the end of August.

And if you haven’t finished making your plans to join us… remember that registration is open, and our attendance is limited. Feb 24-27, 2022 You can click here — or the tab in the menu above.

Wear A Little Love – #CMCon Pride Design

Pride month is almost over — but Coastal Magic has been proud to include and encourage authors who are a part of the LGBT+ community since our very first event. I’ve been doing t-shirt designs for each year for a while now, but hadn’t ever come up with a design to show our support for our LGBT+ family. Today, out of nowhere, an idea came to mind. So, so simple, and yet very obvious in it’s meaning. The LGBT+ community is a dear part of our Coastal Magic community — welcomed and appreciated.

Our Teespring shop now has this design in both dark shirt options and light shirt options (and on a few other doo-dads, if doo-dads are your thing). The shirts are priced $5 higher than our other shirts for the remainder of June. Through June 30th, all the regular profit I would normally get for the convention from the sale of these shirts, plus the additional $5, will be donated to a local (Volusia County, FL) LGBT+ youth services organization. Starting July 1st, the design will still be available, but the t-shirt price will drop down to match the other shirts on our page. (The normal profit the convention gets per shirt is only a couple of dollars, so I’m hoping the additional $5 per shirt will significantly increase the amount of donation we’re able to give, since there are only 9 days left in June.)

To see our entire shop – with designs from 2021, 2022, non-year logo items, these Pride designs, and anything I add in the future, you can click HERE. The profit from each item goes toward our event budget.

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