Sharing Info, Checking In, and Checking Things Off

1277878_check_listHi everyone!!! It’s been a few weeks since the last update here, so I thought I’d give a little idea of where things are right now.

We’re just over 3 weeks from General Registration opening, and I’m SO excited to get that underway!!! I love meeting people who are just as excited about the stories and the authors as I am.

The Featured Bloggers and I have organized a fun Blog Blast for the first week of registration. It’s similar to a blog hop, but this time around there aren’t really prizes (a more traditional blog hop, with a very cool prize, is coming closer to holiday time), just lots of information about the event, and making sure everyone knows how to register. We were lucky enough to have NYT Bestseller Kevin J Anderson offer a special gift for the first 50 people who register during the blog blast!! (He won’t be able to join us this year, due to schedule conflicts, but we’re hoping for next year.) Those first 50 people will receive their gift in their welcome bag at the event.

Our Featured Author list is still growing! The goal is to have 50(ish) authors joining us for the weekend. Between those already showcased on this site, and the authors who have confirmed to me that they’re attending, but haven’t finished their registration yet, we’re getting VERY close!! I’ve honestly  had a few *squee* moments while compiling the list, and I’m pretty sure there are a few more to come 🙂 Everyone is going to have SUCH a fun weekend! I’m hoping to have a very-close-to-complete list when general registration opens on July 1st.

In addition to regular registration, readers will be able to sign up for two limited availability activities. These two activities will require a separate signup, and a small additional fee.

  • Breakfast with an Author will happen on both Friday and Saturday mornings. Breakfasts are “each pays their own”, but will be with the participating author of your choice (not all authors are participating, limit 3 readers per author).
  • On Friday night, you’ll have the chance to go head-to-head with other readers and participating authors in Supernatural Lasertag battles!! Lasertag teams will be up to 4 readers per participating author (not all authors are participating), and tickets are under $15 each (tickets will include other activities at Daytona Lagoon Family Fun Center that evening).

I’m working with a few really interesting vendors to offer everyone something fun to bring home. I’m also working on adding a basket raffle to the charity aspect of the weekend (part of the proceeds from the signing will be donated to our chosen charity). More details on these things coming soon.

So… lots of things to be excited about! Lots of things coming up to mark your calendars for. Be sure to let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll try to get back to everyone as quickly as I can.

I hope you’re all as excited as I am. I can’t WAIT for February!!!

The Ministry Initiative Blog Hop

Coastal Magic Convention is proud to help support this fun, creative project. Featured Authors, and other author friends, are participating, and the results will be fantastic. Please check out this post on Books Make Me Happy, and the other blogs participating in the hop, for all the details and ways to win AWESOME prizes!!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Featured Bloggers!

1383208_3d_text_1I’m so excited to share the list of Featured Bloggers with all of you!!! These ladies have some fantastic blogs, and you should definitely be checking them out. Starting in June, they’ll be posting promos and spotlights for Coastal Magic, and our Featured Authors. They’re also agreeing to help me with con prep and panel moderating at the event. I’m so grateful for each of them.

I’m posting the list below, but check out the Featured Blogger tab above to see their blog button/banner and clickable links to their sites. I’ll also be including links (on that page) to each of their posts about Coastal Magic in general, or our Featured Authors.

Carol – Bitten By Books
FranJessca – Book Lovin’ Mamas
Nikki – Close Encounters With The Night Kind
Christen – Goldilox And The Three Weres
Joy – Joyfully Reviewed
Chelle – Literal Addiction
Laura – Little Read Riding Hood
Dolorianne – MANtastic Fiction
Danielle – Ramblings From This Chick
Jenese – Reader Confessions
Sarah –
Charlee – Smart Girls Love SciFi And Paranormal Romance

In addition to these Featured Bloggers (who will be wearing many hats, and doing many deeds), I’m happy to offer a limited number of spaces available for Registered Bloggers. Those in this position will play a smaller, but important role in spreading the word now, and helping things run smoothly in February. Registered bloggers are listed in the sidebar, with links to their blogs. There are still spaces available for those who would like to be considered for Registered Blogger status. Please email me for details.

I would love it if you all went to check out the Featured and Registered Bloggers’ internet playgrounds. Some of them are blogs you’ve heard of, some will be new to you. All of them are hosted by awesome readers who are genuinely enthusiastic about urban fantasy and paranormal romance. Just my kind of people!!!

For those of you counting… we’ve only got 42 days until General Registration opens!!!!! Who’s coming to hang out with us by the beach???

LAST CALL For Featured Blogger Consideration

1210888_phoneHello, my lovelies!!

One of the ways to bridge the distance between authors and readers is through bloggers. Bloggers who are enthusiastic, creative, and dedicated. One of the reasons last year’s convention worked as well as it did, is because I had a group of Featured Bloggers that helped spread the word beforehand, and pitch in during the weekend. I’d like to think it was worth their while. 🙂

Many authors mentioned getting MORE bloggers involved, and allowing more time for networking. So… in the interest of creating more face to face time, but not overloading myself, I’ve worked out a compromise.

I need 10 FEATURED BLOGGERS. The basic requirements and benefits are below:

  • Post monthly features related to Coastal Magic Convention. A VERY loose schedule will be created, keeping things “on track” but allowing each blogger to work their features into their blogs as they’re able. I will serve as a go-between when necessary, to help Featured Authors and Featured Bloggers coordinate. I will list each blog post related to Coastal Magic on the event website to help promote your posts.  I’ll retweet/share your post info as it goes live from the Coastal Magic Facebook page, and twitter feed.
  • Include Coastal Magic button/banner in a prominent location on your site, linked to this site. I’ll include your button/banner on our Featured Blogger page.
  • Spread the word (not obnoxiously or spammily) on your other social networking sites or groups.
  • Distribute flyers for Coastal Magic in your area libraries/bookstores/etc. WITH permission from locations.
  • Help with con prep before and during the event. Thursday, Feb 6th will be a full day of setup and prep. (Everyone will be expected to help for a few hours that day.)
  • Moderating 3 panels during Coastal Magic. Assistance will be available for anyone unsure of what this entails.
  • Thursday, Feb 6th, will be the Author/Blogger Speed Dating event, and is open to Featured Authors, and Featured and Registered Bloggers ONLY. This will be 3 hours of facetime with the authors, including a fun “speed dating” get-to-know-you event, and a mingle afterward.
  • There *may* be some special goodies as a thank you 🙂

I would like to have 15 REGISTERED BLOGGERS. These will be bloggers who plan to attend, but aren’t able to, or aren’t interested in, performing all the duties of a Featured Blogger.

  • Feature Coastal Magic in at least one blog post on your site. Can be an intro piece, an author guest spot, etc. I will share/RT the link from the Coastal Magic Facebook and twitter.
  • Display the Coastal Magic button/banner somewhere on your site. I’ll include a link to your site in the sidebar of the Coastal Magic event site.
  • Spread the word (not obnoxiously or spammily) on your other social networking sites or groups.
  • Moderate 1 panel during Coastal Magic. Assistance will be available for anyone unsure of what this entails.
  • Thursday, Feb 6th, will be the Author/Blogger Speed Dating event, and is open to Featured Authors, and Featured and Registered Bloggers ONLY. This will be 3 hours of facetime with the authors, including a fun “speed dating” get-to-know-you event, and a mingle afterward.

So… that’s the basic breakdown. I’ve been putting out feelers for a while now, and quite a few of you have emailed me. I’m making my final decisions this weekend for Featured Bloggers, and will be selecting Registered Bloggers for the next few weeks. Please email me ASAP at CoastalMagicConvention at gmail dot com if you’re interested in either position. Thanks!! I can’t wait to get started working with more of you in our amazing blogger community!!

**** And READERS!!!! Only 6 1/2 more weeks until General Registration starts!!!! ****

Selection Process Clarification

757501_time_fliesHello, my lovelies…

Just wanted to take a minute to clear up a couple of questions. One is about the timeline of author / blogger selections, and one is about those selection processes.

First: The Featured Author selection and confirmation process will be ongoing until we reach our 50 author total. Even then, I’ll be keeping a waiting list of interested authors who will fill in if one of our confirmed authors has to cancel. I would *like* to have all 50 Featured Authors chosen and listed by July 1st, but I’m fairly certain that’s not going to happen, lol. I’ve already been in contact with a few authors that have to make decisions later than that, and I’m working with them on a case by case basis. Once an author is chosen, there’s still a process that has to be completed before they’re listed on the site. There are a handful of confirmed authors who just haven’t finished the process yet. Keep your eyes peeled for updates!! If you have emailed me about Featured Author status, please understand that I have a HUGE list that I’m working through (ok, not hundreds… but tens, lol!!) and I will get to everyone as I can. If you’d like to be considered, and haven’t emailed me yet, please do.

Bloggers, please be patient with me. I’m trying to get through the first big batch of author selections by mid May (right after everyone gets back from RT13 and has a chance to breathe!), and then I’ll be getting back to everyone who emailed about Featured Blogger status. I’m working on a form that interested bloggers can fill out and return, that will explain what I’ll need from you, and what you can expect from me. I’m only planning to have 10 Featured Bloggers again this year, but I have opportunities for other attending bloggers who want to participate. Look for more info coming mid-May. (And yes, if you’d like to be considered, please email me. Thanks.)

Second: Featured Author selection process is a bit subjective. I’m choosing authors who write in the urban fantasy and paranormal romance genres (in a variety of sub-genres), and who I believe will bring something interesting and fun to the party. I’m looking for fan favorite authors, debut authors with great ideas, authors who I believe are underrated, and authors who just make me smile. Yes, it’s subjective, but please know that I’m making selections based on last year’s attendee feedback, this year’s chatter, and my own experience (both as a reviewer/blogger, and as a bookseller) to bring together a fantastic group that will draw a crowd, and blow them away with their collective awesome! THAT IS NOT TO SAY THAT THE PEOPLE WHO AREN’T SELECTED, AREN’T AWESOME!! But I can’t have EVERYONE at the party, and I’m trying to make the best decisions I can.

As far as Featured Blogger selections, I’ll be looking for bloggers with a following and a decent reach in their readership, of course, but I’ll also be looking for those who have fresh ideas and fun presentation on their blogs. I need people who can help spread the word, and have FUN doing it!! You don’t have to have 1000 subscribers (although that*would* be nice, lol), but you should be enthusiastic and dedicated to your blog, and it’s readers.

For both authors and bloggers… we’ve got a LONG way to go yet with this shindig. I hope this has helped to clarify things. If you still have questions, please let me know. If you’re interested in a Featured Author or Featured Blogger position, please email me. Thank you all for your interest, and your patience. 🙂

And READERS!!!! July 1st is when you get to join our merry band. I can’t wait to see which of YOU will be coming to hang out with us!! 🙂

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