Selection Process Clarification

757501_time_fliesHello, my lovelies…

Just wanted to take a minute to clear up a couple of questions. One is about the timeline of author / blogger selections, and one is about those selection processes.

First: The Featured Author selection and confirmation process will be ongoing until we reach our 50 author total. Even then, I’ll be keeping a waiting list of interested authors who will fill in if one of our confirmed authors has to cancel. I would *like* to have all 50 Featured Authors chosen and listed by July 1st, but I’m fairly certain that’s not going to happen, lol. I’ve already been in contact with a few authors that have to make decisions later than that, and I’m working with them on a case by case basis. Once an author is chosen, there’s still a process that has to be completed before they’re listed on the site. There are a handful of confirmed authors who just haven’t finished the process yet. Keep your eyes peeled for updates!! If you have emailed me about Featured Author status, please understand that I have a HUGE list that I’m working through (ok, not hundreds… but tens, lol!!) and I will get to everyone as I can. If you’d like to be considered, and haven’t emailed me yet, please do.

Bloggers, please be patient with me. I’m trying to get through the first big batch of author selections by mid May (right after everyone gets back from RT13 and has a chance to breathe!), and then I’ll be getting back to everyone who emailed about Featured Blogger status. I’m working on a form that interested bloggers can fill out and return, that will explain what I’ll need from you, and what you can expect from me. I’m only planning to have 10 Featured Bloggers again this year, but I have opportunities for other attending bloggers who want to participate. Look for more info coming mid-May. (And yes, if you’d like to be considered, please email me. Thanks.)

Second: Featured Author selection process is a bit subjective. I’m choosing authors who write in the urban fantasy and paranormal romance genres (in a variety of sub-genres), and who I believe will bring something interesting and fun to the party. I’m looking for fan favorite authors, debut authors with great ideas, authors who I believe are underrated, and authors who just make me smile. Yes, it’s subjective, but please know that I’m making selections based on last year’s attendee feedback, this year’s chatter, and my own experience (both as a reviewer/blogger, and as a bookseller) to bring together a fantastic group that will draw a crowd, and blow them away with their collective awesome! THAT IS NOT TO SAY THAT THE PEOPLE WHO AREN’T SELECTED, AREN’T AWESOME!! But I can’t have EVERYONE at the party, and I’m trying to make the best decisions I can.

As far as Featured Blogger selections, I’ll be looking for bloggers with a following and a decent reach in their readership, of course, but I’ll also be looking for those who have fresh ideas and fun presentation on their blogs. I need people who can help spread the word, and have FUN doing it!! You don’t have to have 1000 subscribers (although that*would* be nice, lol), but you should be enthusiastic and dedicated to your blog, and it’s readers.

For both authors and bloggers… we’ve got a LONG way to go yet with this shindig. I hope this has helped to clarify things. If you still have questions, please let me know. If you’re interested in a Featured Author or Featured Blogger position, please email me. Thank you all for your interest, and your patience. 🙂

And READERS!!!! July 1st is when you get to join our merry band. I can’t wait to see which of YOU will be coming to hang out with us!! 🙂

Go Forth, And SNARK :-)

317356_ticketI got a phone call the other day from my sister, who was very excited, to let me know about an event at next week’s Romantic Times Booklover’s Convention. It seems a handful of Olde City, New Blood Featured Authors (Laurie London, Damon Suede, Elisabeth Staab, C J Ellisson, and Laura Kaye) had so much fun at during the bad movie tweet-up (an interactive snarkfest while watching the deliciously craptastic movie, The Covenant), that they sweet talked RT into letting them do it there, too!! While the movie lent itself easily to the good natured jabs, it was Damon Suede’s running commentary and behind the scenes offerings that really took the viewing to another level.

I’m so thrilled that another group will get to have that experience, and I’ll DEFINITELY be following along from home that night, and tweeting along with the crowd! The fun will start on April 30th, at 8:30pm CENTRAL, and will end around 11pm. (Be sure to check for the time adjustment for your zone.)

Here’s the link to CJ Ellisson’s event post, along with the information about how you can either attend the movie at RT, or join in online from home.


I’m in the process of narrowing down movie choices for next year’s Bad Movie Tweet-Up at Coastal Magic Convention. It’s got to be a movie that’s both enjoyable, and snarkworthy. (with paranormal elements, of course) I’ve got a few options in mind, but I’m always open to suggestions. Let me know if you’re planning to follow along with the RT Cinema Craptastique, or if you have any ideas I should consider for Coastal Magic.

I’m gonna go stock up on popcorn!!

We Have Progress!!

checkitoutJust popping in for a quick update. In case you hadn’t noticed… authors’ names and lovely, smiling faces are going up on the Featured Author page!!! Of course, this is just the beginning, but it’s cool (for me, anyway) to see the list grow every couple of days.

If you’re a reader who is thinking about attending Coastal Magic… HAVE YOU SEEN SOME OF THE PEOPLE WHO WILL BE THERE??!!?? It’s just a few listed right now, but they’re pretty darn awesome. (And more are on the way!) If there are names you don’t recognize… click their faces and you can read all about them and their books. I really can’t wait to meet all the new people, and see some old friends again!

Keep your eyes peeled for the list to get longer and longer. I’m hoping to be real close to that 50 author total by July when General Registration begins. Let me know what you think of our guests so far. 🙂

Featured Author Registration Has Begun!!

506796__1Ready… Set… GO!

Featured Author registration for Coastal Magic Con 2014 is underway 🙂

If you’ve already contacted me about Featured Author status at next year’s event, thank you. I’m working my way through all the emails, and if I haven’t responded to you yet, it’s coming, I promise 🙂

If you’re interested in attending as a Featured Author, please let me know. I have information you need to be aware of before you decide, and I need to make sure I don’t overload us. If everything lines up, I’ll send you the link you need to register. I’d like to have the majority of the Featured Author registered (or have arrangements for registering later) by July 1st, when General Registration begins.

I also updated the Hotel/Transportation page with the link to our event page on the Hilton’s reservations website. PLEASE use this link to reserve your hotel room for the weekend. You can click the Hotel page above for all the info there, or click HERE to go straight to the Hilton page.

I’ve posted all of this on Facebook, and on Twitter… so I’m sure most of you were already aware. But I wanted to cover ALL the bases, so here’s the “official” blog post announcement, lol 🙂

The next few days are going to be very busy, and very exciting!! I’ve already had 11 authors register, just today!!!! I’ll be collecting info, and getting names up on the website very soon.

I hope you’re all having a lovely week!! Keep your eyes peeled for lots of updates this week!!


The Cup Is Half Full!!

glasshalffullHello there!!!

OH WOW!!! You guys were NOT joking when you said you were excited about this event!! I’m so happy that you are all as enthusiastic about Coastal Magic as I am.

I just wanted to give another quick heads up, before registration begins, that I need to hear from you if you’re an author and would like to be considered for Featured Author status next February. I’ve gotten 17 spots *filled*, and about that many more who are seriously interested. I say “*filled*” because registration won’t officially start until April 1st, and a lot can change in 10 days.

I’m so happy that so many of the Featured Authors from last year want to come back for year two. I’m also very happy with the amount of “new to us” authors that are interested in joining us. It’s a good mix, and one that I think all the readers will appreciate.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ATTENDING COASTAL MAGIC CONVENTION AS A FEATURED AUTHOR… please, please, please email me. There is information you need to know before you make your final decision, and I need to make sure I don’t overbook us!!

Readers… if there’s an author you would like to see at Coastal Magic Convention, let me know!!! I’ve sent out a LOT of emails to authors in the last 2 weeks. Some are on my own personal “wish list”, and some are suggestions from Olde City, New Blood attendees. All are authors I would be honored to have with us in Daytona. If you can RESPECTFULLY (read: not in a spammy or creepy way) pass along our website info to the authors you’d like to be there, that would help. I can’t reach everyone with just the contacts I have, so we have to work together to get the word out!!

Also… authors who will be attending and interested in offering a sponsorship… opportunities are being claimed much quicker than I anticipated. Please let me know as soon as possible what you’d like to do. Thanks!!

Bloggers!!! I’ve gotten a few requests for Featured Blogger positions. If you’re interested, please email me soon. I’ll be sending out requirement information and working on filling those spots after Featured Author registration begins. I’d like to have the 10 positions filled by the time General Registration starts on July 1st.

I think that’s it for now. I’m really amazed at the way this has all started, and I’m so happy you’re all along for the ride!!!

Have an awesome weekend!!


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