Ladies and Gentlemen… please direct your attention to the Registration page… and GET YOUR UF/PNR LOVIN’ HINEYS DOWN HERE!! 🙂

(too much?? lol)

Registration is now open, my lovelies!!

Our Featured Author list will have a few more additions,  we have a waiting list that blows my mind, and we have some really fun panels and meet & greets planned for the 2015 event. I can’t wait to see everyone here, by the beach, and talking about all our favorite paranormal stories.

Part of the draw of Coastal Magic is its size, so please note that there are only 225 general registrations available. (This is also a size that allows me to NOT lose my mind during the planning and running of the event, lol.) If you’re hoping to join us… get your ticket early. I’d hate for you to miss out!!

The registration page, and the ticketing site, have all the basic info you need, but if anyone has any problems or questions, PLEASE let me know. Just as a brief reminder… here’s what your $85 will get you:

  • Welcome bag filled with swag and goodies
  • Access to all panels and meet & greets throughout the weekend
  • One meal (either breakfast OR lunch) on Saturday with a participating Featured Author
  • Opportunity to participate in Supernatural LaserTag (requires additional ticket) with participating Featured Authors
  • Access to evening events (Cinema Craptastique, Author/Reader Mingle, etc)
  • Access to charity booksigning (free, open to public) on Saturday

One MAJOR difference in the registration this year (those of you who attended last year will notice this right away) is that we are NOT choosing our “Meal With An Author” or “Supernatural Lasertag” captains right away. This is for a number of reasons, the most important are:

  1. We still have some authors to add to the Featured Author listing.
  2. Some authors will (unfortunately) have to cancel (it always happens).
  3. Some attendees will (unfortunately) have to cancel (it always happens).

By waiting until January to fill meal and lasertag team requests, we’ll eliminate a TON of the changes and confusion that we dealt with at this year’s event. We managed to get everyone settled this year, but I’d like to avoid as much of that as possible for everyone next year. So, in January (probably the first week), I’ll send out an email that signups are open. ALL SPOTS WILL BE FILLED ON A FIRST REQUESTED, FIRST ASSIGNED BASIS. Emails will go out to all registered attendees and will go through the EventBrite.com site. The Featured Bloggers and I will be making a big deal about it on our sites and social media, so everyone will have PLENTY of notice before we make the signups live.

The hotel registration site has been open for about a month, so be sure to make your reservation if you’ll be staying on site with us. Please feel free to use the comments section on that page to look for attendees to roomshare with, but be reminded that Coastal Magic is NOT going to be involved in any arrangements you make. Also, please post responsibly, don’t include phone numbers or other more personal information.

I think that’s it for now. Look for some really cool posts from some of the Featured Authors showing up on our Featured Bloggers’ sites in the next few weeks. I’ll be updating the Featured Authors page here as we finalize the details with the remaining confirmed authors.

I can’t wait to see you all in February!!!



pinterest-logoJust a quick note to apologize for the broken Pinterest link in the sidebar!!! (It’s better now.) I’m rediscovering my old love for the site, and I’m excited to have a page there for the convention. If you’re a “pinner”… here’s another resource to help you keep up with Coastal Magic news!!



And to share the love a bit… Facebook and Twitter users can “like” and “follow” us here…

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Did You See… Did You SEE???


In case you HAVEN’T seen… go click on the Featured Authors tab… I’ll wait. 🙂

<<<———- That’s a bit like the look I had on my face when the email confirmations started coming in from authors. I’ve been SO excited to share the first batch of 2015 Featured Authors with you!! The blend of authors you know and love, with authors you WILL know and love, makes me so happy. I really think we’re going to have something for EVERYONE to get excited about.

A few quick notes:

1) This is NOT the entire list of Featured Authors!! WHAT??? You heard that right… there will be more authors added as details get finalized. There are still quite a few authors who’ve already confirmed with me that they’ll be attending, for them, it’s just a matter of getting their info up onto the site. There are also a few authors I have ongoing conversations with, who are trying to work Coastal Magic into their schedule. Keep your fingers crossed, and your eyes peeled, ladies and gents!

2) At this point, all new Featured Author requests are being added to our waiting list. If there are cancellations, I’ll pull from this list to fill spots. Something to keep in mind if you’re an author who gets put on the waiting list… we DO have a limited number of additional spots available for the charity booksigning. If you register to attend Coastal Magic as a reader, simply email me and let me know that you’d like one of those spots. We can work out the details from there.

3) Our 2015 Featured Bloggers are also making their debut today! Check out the list of Featured Bloggers HERE!! These are the bloggers who will be hosting monthly Featured Author spotlights, and will be moderating the panels at the event. Their help in keeping the convention organized and running smoothly is GREATLY appreciated!! HUGE thank you to ALL of the bloggers who submitted to be a Featured Blogger. Your willingness to be a part of this event means so much to me. Unfortunately, decisions had to be made, and not everyone was able to be included. I hope to see you all in February. If you’re a blogger who is planning to attend Coastal Magic, our Author / Blogger Speed Dating will be open to each of you!! Please contact me AFTER you’ve registered to be added to the list of attending bloggers.


Registration for 2015 will be $85 per person, and will include:

  • Welcome bag filled with swag and goodies
  • Access to all panels and meet & greets throughout the weekend
  • One meal (either breakfast OR lunch) on Saturday with the participating Featured Author of your choice.
  • Opportunity to participate in Supernatural LaserTag (requires additional ticket) with participating Featured Authors
  • Access to evening events (Cinema Craptastique, Author/Reader Mingle, etc)
  • Access to charity booksigning (free, open to public) on Saturday

One of the draws of Coastal Magic is that it’s a relatively small event, so authors and readers are able to interact in many ways throughout the weekend. In order to KEEP this “up close and personal” atmosphere, registration will be capped at 225. So PLEASE… if you’d like to attend, mark your calendars and register as soon as you’re able!! (Also, author meals and lasertag teams will be assigned based on the order of registration. Register early to be sure your favorites don’t fill up!) The Hilton reservation site is already up and running, so if you’d like to reserve your room now, feel free. You can get the info by clicking the HOTEL tab above.

Ok, all… I think that’s it for now. I’m gonna go sleep for about five years!! Nah… but I am looking forward to a bit of rest, and then checking out what YOU all think of our Featured Author list so far!!

I can’t believe we’re already down to 7 MONTHS LEFT!!! See you in February!!


**P.S. – We have a Pinterest page now!!! If that’s your thing… you can check it out HERE!!




Any Interest In “Industry” Panels??

Editing_Red_Pen1-300x225I’m considering building a 4 hour “industry block” of panels into the Coastal Magic Convention schedule. These would be focused on tips and ideas for aspiring authors. I’m not sure there was a lot of attendance in previous years for these panels, so I’m looking for some feedback now from those of you who plan to attend the event.

Tentative panel ideas right now are:

  • Checking It Twice – How to maximize your manuscript. Building strong characters, storylines, and tips for self-editing.
  • Editors & Agents – Partners for the long haul. Tips for finding a good fit, and building strong relationships.
  • Pros & Cons – Traditional / Small Print / Self: Brief (non-bashing) rundown of the good, the bad, and the “what do I do now?” in publishing.
  • Marketing and Promotion 101 – How to target your audience and use social media to your best advantage.

I don’t plan to have any of these panels spread throughout the remainder of the convention. If this is something that would interest you, please let me know. If there doesn’t seem to be enough interest, I’ll just skip these types of panels entirely.


From One Convention To Another

logoHello all!! I’m spending this weekend in New Orleans for the RT Booklovers Convention, and  just wanted to take this rare, quiet moment to pop into everyone’s inboxes and blog readers. I have two reasons for this…

1) Make sure you’re marking your calendars and saving your pennies… General Registration will begin on July 1st!! On June 1st I’ll be posting the first big list of Featured Authors to the website, and trust me when I tell you that you will NOT want to miss our shindig next year! I’m having a blast meeting and chatting with some of the new authors who’ll be with us in February. (New friends, not necessarily newly published. Although, we’ve got a few of those joining us, as well! Am I teasing you all well enough?? LOL)

2) Bloggers who’ve contacted me about Featured Blogger status at next year’s event… I haven’t forgotten you!! Things got a little backwards last week, so I’ll be getting in touch with you next week, when I return. I apologize for the delay.

Be sure to keep an eye on the blog and the twitter account. Updates will probably be coming more frequently the closer we get to July 🙂


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