My Cup Runneth Over…

overflowing-cupDear All Of You Wonderful Authors,

We are OVERFLOWING!!!! Not only do I have my goal of 50 authors met (and happily exceeded), but my WAITING LIST is over 50 authors long and I’m getting new requests almost every day.  At this point, it’s unrealistic and unfair to keep adding to the list. We’d have to lose EVERY confirmed author in order to make it through the waiting list, and I sincerely hope that does NOT happen!! I believe I’ve contacted everyone on the list with their options. I don’t want anyone to limit their plans based on a logistic improbability.

As of right now (and, admittedly, I should have done this before now) the waiting list for 2015 is closed. Anyone on the list right now (who wants to remain) will, of course, stay on it. Unfortunately, I cannot know how many names we’ll need to pull from it. For those interested in the 2016 event… I’ma need some time, lol. Right now, my focus is on this coming February. AFTER that weekend, I’ll take about a month off from all things convention. Then, I’ll start contacting authors that I’d like to attend and/or authors attendees have requested to see. Shortly after that, I’ll open the remaining spaces to new Featured Author requests. I’m guessing that will happen around mid April, based on the timelines from our two previous years.

To avoid any confusion, there ARE still some authors who need to be added to the website. These are not NEW contacts. These are authors I’ve been working with to get details ironed out for some time. I don’t want anyone to feel passed over, or left out. It’s simply a matter of putting ducks into little rows and herding all the kittens, lol.

Thank you all so much for your interest in Coastal Magic. I love that people are talking about the event, and have good things to share. I absolutely encourage authors to attend, even without a “featured” status, as there are SO MANY opportunities to talk to readers and fellow authors during the weekend. This really is a low-key, hang out and chat with EVERYONE kind of shindig!! If you have promotional items you’d like to share, we can include those in our welcome bags (we can do this even if you DON’T plan to attend). You can even plan unofficial meet & greets with your fans around the hotel and/or local restaurants.

Again, this is an odd sort of “problem” to have… an abundance of riches that I’m SO grateful for. I hope this answers some questions, and I hope you’re all able to join us in some capacity. I can’t wait for February!!




I Made A Thing!!

I saw a promotional image like this for another convention earlier today, and have seen these types of graphics in the past, as well. I’m still hoping to confirm a few other authors between now and the end of the summer (I’ll update the graphic as needed), but this is a good, quick look at who you can expect to hang with in Daytona, in February. I hope this makes it a little easier for people to spot, share, and get excited about!!

Feel free to post/tweet/blog/pin/tumblr/etc. this image if you’re planning to attend! If you use the hashtag #CMC15, I’ll be able to track it, and see who’ll be joining us, and where the graphic ends up. 🙂

Who are YOU all looking forward to seeing???







A Bit of Inspiration (… and Real Life)



How’s about THAT for a way to spend the afternoon?? I honestly love this picture… SO much. It was a happy surprise when I checked out Featured Author Jan DeLima’s blog post, today, about coming to the Daytona/St. Augustine area for next year’s Coastal Magic Convention. You can find her fun post HERE, along with lots of other beachy, beautiful pics to go with this one.

It serves as a subtle, yet not-so-subtle reminder that registration is open, for anyone who’d like to join Jan, the rest of the Featured Authors, and all of us anxious readers! We’re going to have such a great time!! I’m torn between wishing it was February NOW, and being glad I have enough time to finish getting everything ready, lol.

Be sure to keep an eye out for blog posts from our Featured Bloggers, spotlighting our Featured Authors. There will be promos, interviews, reviews, and fun guest spots every month to help all of you get to know our group better. I can’t wait to see what everyone’s got in store for us!! There’s a running list of links on our Featured Blogger page, if you want to check out anything you may have missed.

I’ve got some real life things going on this month (Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and DragonCon… I do love my real life!), but I’ll be starting to work on a panel and meet & greet schedule in September. I hope I’ll have that up for everyone in late September, early October. *fingers crossed* Right now… here’s the bare bones (might change, but probably not by too much) outline of how things will happen that weekend. (I’m posting this now, so if you’re interested in coming, you’ll have an idea of when to arrive/leave.)

Thursday, Feb 5th:

  • 5pm – Registration Check-In / Welcome Bag Pick-up starts
  • 6-10pm – Author / Blogger events
  • 6pm – 12am – Game Room / Meet-up area for all attendees

Friday, Feb 6th:

  • 10am – 6pm – Panels / Meet & Greets (Lunch break around 12pm-ish? Meal not included in registration.)
  • 7-9pm – Supernatural Lasertag at Daytona Lagoon (requires separate ticket at registration)
  • 9:30-11:30pm – Cinema Craptastique (delightful “MST-style” viewing of an awesomely awful paranormal movie, headed by super snarker Damon Suede)

Saturday, Feb 7th:

  • Breakfast / Lunch With An Author (Meal, EITHER breakfast OR lunch,  included in registration. More information coming later )
  • 10am-4pm – Panels / Meet & Greets (Lunch break around 12pm-ish?)
  • 5-7pm – Charity Booksale / Signing (benefits Habitat For Humanity… open to the public)
  • 8-11pm – Evening Mingle (catchy name TBD, lol)

Sunday, Feb 8th:

  • 9-10am – Charity Raffle Basket Winners Announced (baskets must be picked up by noon or alternate winners will be chosen)
  • 10am-2pm – Panels (in addition to reader-focused programming, this is likely where our “writer/industry” focused panels will be)
  • 12-2pm – Swag Crafts (fun ways to use/display all of your convention swag!!)
  • 2-2:30pm – Goodbye/Feedback chat (informal, give thoughts/suggestions on how things went, and how to improve)

Ok, I think that’s all the news for now. I’m so happy with the way things have been progressing behind the scenes. Now we just have to get all of YOU to join us in February… by the beach… with a bunch of authors and reader friends…

Oh, I do love my real life!


A Few Updates: Mid July Edition

executor-checklistWell, hello there, my lovelies!!

WE MADE IT THROUGH THE FIRST TWO WEEKS OF REGISTRATION!!! *passes out party hats & tosses confetti*

I always get so crazy around time for registration to start, because I always feel like I should be doing MORE OF THE THINGS!!! But I think we had a good start this year, and at least I know I won’t be standing around the Daytona Hilton with a bunch of authors all by myself! Thank you all for that. 🙂

BUT… we have just begun, and there is PLENTY of room for more readers. I’d love to give these amazing authors full rooms for panels, lots of fans at their meet & greets, and keep them busy with chats and mingles throughout the weekend. If you haven’t already registered… I would urge you NOT to wait until the last minute, because there IS a limit to attendance (225), and I’m not sure when we’ll reach that total.

Also… if you’re planning to reserve a hotel room for the convention (and you’ve registered, or will be registering very soon), be sure to do that as soon as you’re able. I’m working much more closely with our group rep this year, but I can’t guarantee that we won’t sell our block out like last year. PLEASE don’t reserve a room unless you’re pretty darn sure you’ll be attending. Space is limited, and I’d hate to have rooms cancelled at the last minute that registered attendees could have used. Thanks for extending this courtesy.

As far as Featured Authors go… I just added FIVE more names/faces to the Featured Author list, between last night and today. Have you checked to see all of the INCREDIBLE authors who’ll be joining us??? I really, REALLY can’t wait to meet some of the new faces, and I’m so looking forward to catching up with old friends. I think we’ve got a fantastic lineup so far, and I’ve still got a few more names to add!

**Please keep in mind that these were authors I’d already been in contact with about their spots, NOT new author requests. All new Featured Author requests are being automatically added to a waitlist. This has been the case for some time now.**

When it gets closer to the end of the year, I’ll be getting the schedule put together. And in January, we’ll be setting up for our “Meal with an Author” and “Supernatural Lasertag Team” selections. If you HAVE registered, keep an eye out for more information about those around holiday time. (Remember… if you’re planning to join a lasertag team, you’ll have to get the Daytona Lagoon ticket in addition to your registration.)

For those who might be interested… right now is a really busy time for me behind the curtain. I’m working on checking out and confirming cool vendors for everyone to peek through between the panels, collecting information from authors about scheduling and book ordering, and setting up sponsors to help make things even more awesomer for everyone! **Speaking of, if you’re an author, publicist, or publisher rep who’d like to contribute items to our welcome bags, door prizes, or raffle baskets, you can reach me through the form or email on the contact page. There are also sponsorship opportunities available. Please contact me for details.**

CMCFeaturedAuthor  CMCFeaturedBlogger

Something fun for everyone to be looking for are all of the Featured Author spotlights that will be popping up!! Our Featured Bloggers will be doing interviews, hosting guest posts, doing reviews, and including all kinds of other fun stuff with our Featured Authors on their sites. Be sure to follow the convention Twitter and/or Facebook page for alerts when these posts go live. You can also check back on our Featured Blogger page every so often, as we’re trying to keep that updated weekly with any new posts.

Ok… I think that’s it for now. I just wanted to thank you all for hanging in and getting through the last couple of weeks with me. It’s been all kinds of crazy. I’ll check back in a few weeks to give another quick update.

I’d love for everyone reading this to share it with someone they think would enjoy Coastal Magic. It’s all about the readers, and hanging out with others who love the stories and the storytellers. So share the info, bring your friends, and let’s have a fantastic time by the beach!!

Bye for now 🙂


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