*Freebie Alert** Free Reads Available From Participating #CMCon22 Authors!


Check out this collection of stories from participating Coastal Magic Featured Authors! This is our third year putting out a Prolific Works collection of free snippets and stories from some of your Coastal Magic Featured Authors. Some are full novels, some are short stories, and some are even sneak peeks from upcoming releases. Just scroll through the listings and download the stories you want.


This is a great way to check out some of the authors you’ll get to hang out with in Daytona during our weekend. 🙂 You can download one store, or ALL of the stories, lol!!! The collection is available now, through the end of August.

And if you haven’t finished making your plans to join us… remember that registration is open, and our attendance is limited. Feb 24-27, 2022 You can click here — or the tab in the menu above.

Wear A Little Love – #CMCon Pride Design

Pride month is almost over — but Coastal Magic has been proud to include and encourage authors who are a part of the LGBT+ community since our very first event. I’ve been doing t-shirt designs for each year for a while now, but hadn’t ever come up with a design to show our support for our LGBT+ family. Today, out of nowhere, an idea came to mind. So, so simple, and yet very obvious in it’s meaning. The LGBT+ community is a dear part of our Coastal Magic community — welcomed and appreciated.

Our Teespring shop now has this design in both dark shirt options and light shirt options (and on a few other doo-dads, if doo-dads are your thing). The shirts are priced $5 higher than our other shirts for the remainder of June. Through June 30th, all the regular profit I would normally get for the convention from the sale of these shirts, plus the additional $5, will be donated to a local (Volusia County, FL) LGBT+ youth services organization. Starting July 1st, the design will still be available, but the t-shirt price will drop down to match the other shirts on our page. (The normal profit the convention gets per shirt is only a couple of dollars, so I’m hoping the additional $5 per shirt will significantly increase the amount of donation we’re able to give, since there are only 9 days left in June.)

To see our entire shop – with designs from 2021, 2022, non-year logo items, these Pride designs, and anything I add in the future, you can click HERE. The profit from each item goes toward our event budget.

Stylin’ with #CMCon22 Merch!

T-shirts, and coffee mugs, and blankets, OH MY!!

Every year I try to put out a nice shirt for people to have, has an “everyday souvenir” of their weekend. Every year I get asked if I have the design on “A, B, or C” other items. Welp… this year… I probably do, lol!

I went a little merch crazy (mugs, zipper pouches, socks, fleece blankets(!), and of course, t-shirts), but I hope you love the designs, and I hope you find something that you would be happy to own and wear/use. (And I hope the prices are good for your budget!)

In addition to the #CMCon21 Virtual Convention design (left: with black print and with white print) that I was asked to leave available for a little longer, and the no-date long logo design (right: with black print and with white print) that will always be available… we have three new designs for next year’s event.

LEFT: 10th Anniversary Logo design (with the dates of all 10 events) – black print and white print

MIDDLE: Reading Challenge design – black print and white print

RIGHT: “Magic Falls Out” design – black print and white print
Full quote: “Every time you open a book, a little bit of magic falls out.”
Quote story: I found this quote looking for “bookish quotes” on Google. I loved it, so I messaged the person attributed as saying it, to make sure we could use it for the design. She said she was a teacher, and a SIX YEAR OLD from a previous year of school said it!!! How adorable is THAT!!!???
(And she graciously allowed us to use it. Thanks, Jen!)

The different styles of shirts come in different color options and sizes (some with a wide variety, some, not so much – the “classic” tee is your best bet for the widest size and color options.) And if you scroll down a bit on each of the landing pages linked above, you’ll see an option for “other products”, to see what else is offered with the design you have pulled up.

If you just want to see everything, all at once, you can visit the main Teespring store landing page, HERE.
I really tried to make things affordable and give everyone SOMETHING they could pick up. 🙂

Let me know what you think of the new designs!!

Are you a merch person?? Are you gonna grab anything to wear/use now? Something to save away for February?

What To Expect At Coastal Magic 2022

Hi all!!

In case you missed it… this week we announced our Featured Author list for next year’s 10th Anniversary weekend, and General Registration is open!! Check out the authors who’ll be joining us by the beach next February, and if you’re up for a fun weekend of bookish shenanigans, get yourself registered! (FYI, we have a few additional authors to add to the list, so watch for updates coming soon!)

If you need a little more info — here’s a brief rundown of how the weekend will go. This is good for setting up travel arrangements and making plans outside of the official schedule with local friends. The full, detailed schedule with panels and activities won’t be out until the beginning of the year. 🙂

Thursday, February 24, 2022
10am – 1pm – Author Workshop & Craft Panel (TBA)
4pm – 10pm – Registration Checkin & Welcome Bag Pickup
7pm – 10pm – Welcome Mingle (theme TBA – author hosted tables – all welcome)

Friday, February 25, 2022
9am – 6pm – Panels & Meet & Greets
12:30pm – 2pm – Lunch Break
6pm – 8pm – Dinner Break
7pm – 8pm – Author Hosted Cocktail Hour
8pm – 10pm – Evening Activity (TBA)
10pm – 11pm – Mini Dance Party

Saturday, February 26, 2022
9am – 12pm – Panels
12pm – 3pm – Lunch with an Author (split into two shifts, if necessary, as a safety precaution)
3pm – 4:00pm – Author Signing Prep
4pm – 6pm – Book Signing (for attendees & free to the public)
6pm – 8pm – Dinner Break
8pm – 10pm – Game Night (author hosted & free to use game tables)

Sunday, February 27, 2022
9am – 10am – Raffle Basket Winners Announced
10:30am – 12:30pm – Panels
12:30pm – 2pm – Craft Activity
1:30pm – 2pm – Farewell Chat

So — there you have it. It’s pretty much the same basic outline we’ve had for the last few years (excepting our virtual event this year, of course), so if you’ve been with us in Daytona, it’ll be very familiar.

I’ll be sharing the themes for our evening activities soon — so keep your eyes peeled on our social media for those discussions! I can’t wait to hear what you think about our plans to celebrate!!

#CMCon22 Registration is OPEN!

Today is an exciting day!!

Why is today exciting, you ask? Because we have announced the Featured Author listing for our 10th Anniversary weekend!! AAAANNNNDDDD… General Registration is OPEN!!

**insert happy dance here**

Readers of a wide variety of genres are going to find authors to love at next year’s shindig. Whether they’re auto-buy faves already, or “new to you” authors just waiting to become your next binge read, there’s something for just about everyone.

**still dancing**

The cool thing about this event, though, isn’t just that the author lineup is full of variety and diversity!! What’s cool is that in February, we’ll be steps away from the sand on Daytona Beach!! That’s right, we’re heading back to the beach!! I’m going to be there to hang out with all of the awesome authors and readers, and YOU can join me!!

Registration is $107 for the weekend, and includes all of the on-site activities, along with one lunch with the authors on Saturday. There’s a two-step process for getting registered this go ’round, so make sure you follow the directions on the GENERAL REGISTRATION page. 🙂

Our Featured Bloggers will be doing monthly author spotlights with our Featured Authors, so be sure you’re following each of their blogs, and the #CMCon22 hashtag so you won’t miss any! This is going to be a fantastic way to get to know the authors a bit BEFORE our weekend together.

Things will update here on the website as new information is released between now and February (are you following THIS blog?) You can also join the Facebook Authors & Attendees group if you’d like to interact with some of the authors and other readers you might see by the beach.

If reading challenges (either on your own or with a group) are your thing, we’ve got a group for that!! With a suggested schedule of reading, planned author interactions, points to earn and prizes to win, our Reading Challenge group is definitely the place to be. You can read all about how the challenge works HERE!

So – today’s an exciting day!!

Have you been to Coastal Magic before? Have you been to other book conventions/signings?
What’s your favorite thing about attending bookish events like this?

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