Coastal Magic 2020 Souvenir T-Shirt

Ladies & Gents:

In many past years, we’ve either had a t-shirt that we can all order before the convention, or an author/publisher has sponsored shirts for every attendee. This year, we didn’t have either, and it was definitely noticed, lol. So… in response to MANY inquiries (and because I love the t-shirts, too), we’re offering a Coastal Magic 2020 Souvenir T-shirt available. (Kinda like getting the concert shirt after a great show. <3)

The company doing our 2020 Souvenir T-Shirts is called Clothesline, and they did our AMAZING 2019 event shirts. They don’t usually do single orders, as they’re a bulk/corporate orders company. Unfortunately, this means their system won’t allow for individual orders the way we’re going to do them (without doing a huge programming thing, which we’re not going to ask them to do.) SO… the instructions for ordering your shirt(s) are listed below. They will be taking orders for approx 2 weeks (I’ll get you a definite end date ASAP, and will post it on our social media.) Shirts will ship out shortly thereafter.

Shirt Prices:
S-XL: $10.58 plus tax
2X: $12.18 plus tax
3X: $12.98 plus tax
4X: $13.78 plus tax

USPS Shipping is $8.50 and UPS shipping is $15

Once you get your shirt, I’d LOVE to see pics of you wearing them out and about. Pretty please, and thank you.

1) eMail – with the subject “COASTAL MAGIC CONVENTION TSHIRT” and include:
– your name
– your email
– your mailing address
– your shirt size(s)
2) Dana will reply with a payment link
3) Pay for your shirt, and shipping, via the link.
4) Receive shirt a few weeks later.
5) Post awesome pics of you in your shirt. ❤

If anyone has any questions, please let me know.

#CMCon20 Lunch With An Author Info – Signups Start Monday

One of the most anticipated events of Coastal Magic every year is our annual Lunch with an Author. This is our no-promo, just chat meal with authors and readers getting to know each other a little better. We always have quite a few questions about how the signups for this go, so here’s a basic breakdown.

(originally posted by Dolorianne in the Coastal Magic Convention: Authors & Attendees Facebook group)


What do I do to prepare?

  • Look over the list of authors.
  • Make a list of who you might want to sit with.
  • Go to and make a FREE profile so that you can access the sign-up sheet as soon as it’s available.
  • Make sure EVERYONE in your traveling group makes THEIR OWN PROFILE. There is no “saving seats”. Everyone needs to make their own individual selection. Or you can ask someone to make a choice on your behalf … but … it MUST be done as a separate submission with a separate sign-up genius account. Choices including 2 (or more) seats in one entry will be deleted and have to start all over again. ****Your original choice will not be guaranteed if someone else fills the spot before you resubmit your choice.****
  • A link will be posted (8 pm ET on Monday, February 17th) when the sign-ups are active. In the event that the table of your 1st choice is full, your list from above will come in handy.
  • If you want to try sitting with an author you aren’t familiar with as a way to expand your Coastal Magic experience, please feel free to tag me (Dolorianne). I have read every author and, after a few preference questions, will be happy to recommend a couple authors to choose from.

The lunch is a great way to get to know an author you’re already a fan of, or discover a “new-to-you” author who may very well become your next favorite. If you have any questions, feel free to comment here, or ask in the FB group.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Daytona!!

Coastal Magic Schedule Posted & Single Day Registration Available!

The heading really does say it all… the panel and activities schedule for Coastal Magic 2020 has been posted, and you now have the opportunity to join us for the full weekend, or just a day or two.

Click the image above to go to the registration page and choose what option works best for you. Give a peek at the schedule here, and make your plans to attend!!

Free Prolific Works Collection From Coastal Magic 2020 Featured Authors

Romance, Fantasy, Suspense and Sizzle! Warm up your winter nights with these free short stories, novellas, books and preview/excerpts by bestselling romance and urban fantasy authors!


Love, adventure, passion, suspense, and action—it’s all here! We’ve got a mix of contemporary, MF, MM, paranormal, romantic suspense, urban fantasy, shifter, kink, sweet, and more. Read the stories here—then come meet the authors at Coastal Magic Convention in 2020!

For a full list of CMC 2020 authors (those included in the giveaway, and others), visit

Writer’s Garage Coming To Coastal Magic 2020

We’re thrilled to start up our #CMCon20 “what to expect” posts with a program that was a huge success last year, and requested by many to return this year. The Writer’s Garage is a series of workshops focused on helping authors acquire the tools they need to write their best book. This is our only non-reader focused programming of the weekend. Workshops are lead by author and experienced instructor Tere Michaels. The Q&A panel will feature Tere, along with a selection of Coastal Magic Featured Authors who will answer questions from workshop attendees.

This year’s workshop info:

Why We Write What We Write: (And Why It Matters)

Our Writers Voice is more than how we write – it’s also about what and why we write. An understanding of our journey from consumer to creator can have a major impact on a career, no matter what stage you are at. From choosing the right genre for you, to understanding and moving around blocks to creating an authentic and unique brand, your Writers Voice is your roadmap through good times and bad, feast and famine. We will explore what excites your inner writer, how it translates into your voice and what that means for your career!
(2-hour workshop. Please bring a notebook, pen/pencil and at least two different color highlighters.)

Author Panel: Join us for a tell-all chat as we answer your pertinent questions about craft, taking your writing to the next level and having a game plan for the future! Panelists: Tere Michaels, Hildie McQueen, Karen Rose
(1 hour, Please bring your questions!)

Writer’s Garage will take place on Thursday afternoon, 12pm – 3pm, Feb 20, 2020. This program is not included in the Coastal Magic Convention registration, and requires a separate ticket ($25) that can be purchased HERE. When purchasing your ticket, please include your name and email address on the “notes” section of the page.

I’m excited to be able to bring this opportunity to authors who will be attending Coastal Magic, or who will be in the area and just attending this program. Huge thanks goes to Tere for offering to make her services available again this year, and to each of the authors who’ll be participating in the Q&A panel. (Watch for those names to be announced soon!)

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