#CMCon23 Save The Date!! (Hint: It’s Feb 23-26, 2023!!)

Well, we’ve managed to get through the first 10 years of bookish shenanigans… who’s up for a few more??

If you raised your hand, or said “me!”, I’ve got news for you! The 11th annual Coastal Magic Convention will be February 23-26, 2023. Mark your calendars and tag all your book buddies. After two years of virtual events, I’m so excited to be heading back to the beach next year. (Yeah, I know, that was supposed to be the gameplan THIS year… but I think we we’ve got a great chance of actually being able to DO it, this time.)

I’m sorry this announcement has been so delayed. Obviously we weren’t the only organization that had to cancel or postpone their in-person events the last couple of years. Right now, getting hotel space at a reasonable rate (event space and room rates), especially if your preferred dates are somewhat limited, is SUPER difficult. As much as the Hilton has been a fantastic home for us for many years… with so many changes, and so much competition, I just wasn’t able to reach an agreement with them. However… it’s not all sad news!!! Our new home has been one of my top choices every time I’ve looked for space for us. And they’ve just done a major facelift and refresher on the entire property, so I’m really loving the new feel of the place!

The Plaza Resort & Spa is only a few blocks north of our previous location, still right on the beach. There is dining on site, and lots of options within the immediate couple of blocks around the hotel. The event space is gorgeous, the hotel reps have been a delight, and I’m very, very excited to start making new memories in this lovely location!!

As a reminder — those of you who completed BOTH registration steps for the 2022 weekend (the form on EventBrite, and the payment through PayPal) will have their registration transferred to our 2023 event. You’re all set. Everyone received a notification of that from EventBrite back in February, but I’ll be sending a second email to confirm your intention to attend next year soon. There will be an announcement when those emails start to go out, so you’ll all know to watch for yours. 🙂

We’ll still be starting general registration for anyone who is NOT being transferred from this year on June 1st, as usual, along with opening up our group block for the hotel. We will also be doing our Featured Author Reveal — and I can’t wait to announce all the incredible authors who will be coming to hang out by the beach with us!!!

June will also be the start of this “season” of our Reading Challenge, and I’ll be sharing some of our plans for CMCChats, author spotlights, games and contests, and other fun stuff to look forward to!! Watch our Facebook Authors & Attendees group for some Q&A posts and/or live chats in early June. I’ll be around to answer as many of your questions as I can.

I hope you’re all as excited as I am to start our second decade together. 🙂

#CMCon22 Wrap-Up, Thank Yous, and “In Case You Missed It” Links

It’s been almost two weeks since Coastal Magic wrapped up it’s second year as a virtual event, and 10th year as a real live thing that I made!! I still can’t believe that ten years have gone by since we gathered for “Olde City, New Blood” in that unfortunate hotel on St. Augustine beach. I still remember so much about that weekend, the really great parts, and the not so great parts. One of the highlights was the “Dating Game”, where authors answered questions “as” their characters! So much fun! I learned a lot from that first weekend. Not the least of which was how amazing the book community can be. ❤

Recent years have been much different – and I hope, much improved – from that first year. Our little community has grown, and we’ve created some amazing memories. 🙂 Despite the circumstances, I think even our virtual events have given us a special way to connect. If you were able to join us for this year’s programming — THANK YOU! I hope you had fun! If you missed our discussions, games, and other shenanigans — you can watch most everything via replay on our Facebook page, or on our YouTube channel. Links can be found on the schedule page, HERE.

I posted my dedicated “thank yous” for this year on social media, but wanted to share them here as well, in case anyone missed them.

The “thank you” part of wrapping up each year’s Coastal Magic is one of my favorite things. You might think that planning a virtual event is much easier than an in-person event. In some respects, it is. But there are challenges that you just don’t even imagine until you’re “in the thick of it”. This year we had 16 panel discussions, 10 activities/games, 12 individual author Q&As, live book signing chats, a writer workshop, and a 1985 themed murder mystery game!! The people who support Coastal Magic, and me, even in these strange times are absolute rock stars. The fact that we’ve been doing this together for 10 years now is absolutely mind-blowing! This little shindig that I had to be talked into putting together has become a real community of people who care about each other, support each other, and look forward to their time together every year. Every single author who has participated during one (or more) of our weekends… every single reader who’s come across the country (or signed on to their computer) to hang out with fellow booklovers… each of you has made Coastal Magic Convention something I’m so, so proud of, and something I’m happy to be sharing with all of you.

I hope you all realize how special you are, and how very thankful I am for each of you. ❤

My first specific thank you is to our incredible lineup of Featured Authors. Considering the focus of this event has always been to bring readers and authors together for a fun weekend, we literally could not do this without you. But more than that… your genuine excitement for the weekend, your generosity with your time, and your patience while I turned things upside down and a little bit backwards for this year is appreciated more than you know. ❤ Thanks for chatting with us, playing along and being ridiculous, and for stepping in when I needed help. Thanks for taking time away from your own family and deadlines to spend time with us. ❤ Some of you have been active since June, and others focused attention on the convention weekend, proper – either way, our readers have loved all of their time with you.

The next set of thank yous for all they did during the lead up to this year’s Coastal Magic, and on the weekend proper, are our Featured Bloggers and the Reading Challenge group. Two very specific groups who impacted the convention is tremendous ways.

Our Featured bloggers spent months doing spotlights with our authors and sharing the news and updates about the event. Their help in making sure their readers know about the Coastal Magic helps us grow a little more every year, and their assistance during the planning stages of things is invaluable.

Definitely check out their blogs, they have great things to share.

That’s What I’m Talking About, Joyfully Jay Reviews, Little Read Riding Hood / Read Head Editing, A Book Lover’s Adventures / Literary Escape Community

The Reading Challenge group is an actual bookish force of nature. 100%. Their dedication to the event, and to spotlighting our authors and supporting each other (even though they’re all trying to out-read each other in friendly competition) is amazing. Between June and February they read AND reviewed 1235 books by our Featured Authors – read 286,875 pages – and many read at least one book by each of the 52 authors on our original 2022 lineup!! Not only that – they’ve created their own community-inside-a-community and declared themselves the Coastal Magic Convention street team, LOL! Leading the group and giving more time and effort to the event than I can measure – huge thanks, as always, to Dolorianne. I can’t express how much I, and Coastal Magic as a whole, appreciate all the Reading Challenge group adds to our event.

My last dedicated, sincere thank you goes to our amazing readers/“attendees”. Coastal Magic only works when you are active and engaged. And to my genuine delight, you’ve been active and engaged for 10 years now.

I love your enthusiasm for our authors. I love your interest in discovering new books and authors to read. I love the community you’ve built with each other. I love your silliness, and willingness to be silly with all the rest of us. I love your feedback every year, in an effort to make each Coastal Magic exactly what we want and need it to be. Thank you for your patience as the last few years have turned our weekend on its head a bit. Thank you for still showing up, even in little computer screen boxes that are far from the “beachside reader weekend” I promise in our tagline.

Thank you for supporting Coastal Magic. Thank you for supporting me. Just, thank you.

A sneak peek at where all the #CMCon22 magic happened, lol. Sadly, no palm trees in sight.

It’s TONIGHT! It’s TONIGHT! #CMCon22 Pre-Con Activities Start Tonight – 8pm! (EST)

Coastal Magic Convention’s virtual 10th Anniversary event starts TONIGHT at 8pm with Mystery/Suspense BINGO!

We’ll be sharing the Zoom link for anyone who’d like to play along shortly before the game starts. You don’t have to be on screen to play, either. Join the Zoom and leave your video off. We just need to be able to hear you shout BINGO! 🙂 And yes, there WILL be prizes!

There will be one or two things each evening this week, leading to our opening night on Thursday, and full days of programming Friday through Sunday. Just because we can’t be at the beach, doesn’t mean we won’t be having fun with our authors, and with all of YOU!!

Tune in live on the Coastal Magic Convention Facebook page, or watch a replay later on Facebook or YouTube. (We’ll also be streaming the live into our Authors & Attendees Facebook group.)

Check out the full pre-con and convention weekend schedule — including discussion panels, games & activities, and virtual book signings on the “Schedule” tab! (Or click HERE!)

BOOKISH BITS & BITES: CELEBRATIONS – Charity Anthology from Coastal Magic Convention 2022 Authors

Since we’re doing Coastal Magic as a virtual event for a second year, our charity efforts will once again be focused on our BOOKISH BITS & BITES anthology. Since this is our 10th Anniversary weekend, our participating Featured Authors each contributed a “celebration” story and a recipe to go along with it.

These are all brand new stories, from both new and existing worlds. The anthology is a limited edition, and will only be available from now through the end of our convention weekend. Sales will end on February 27th. After that point, the participating authors – Morgan Brice, K C Burn, Sam Burns, Tawdra Kandle, and Kiernan Kelly — will reclaim ownership of their stories, and may choose to release them in some form at a future date.

Morgan Brice – “Sandwiched” – When a hunt gone wrong lays Evan out with a fever, Seth relies on a favorite home remedy to make things better.
K C Burn – “The Yips” – As a gay werewolf, Kaden never expected to find his mate. But his best friend’s brother, Noah, might just change his mind. Unfortunately, Noah is human, and Kaden has to figure out a way to tell Noah the truth.
Sam Burns – “The Fluke” – The fox has always been different from other foxes, but when a hunter comes to the forest looking for him and his brothers, he has to figure out how to do something no other fox could do to save the day.
Tawdra Kandle – “Cake By The Ocean” – Cal and Alex are excited to celebrate the woman who’s helping make their dreams of parenthood come true. But their friends and family might have another idea . . .
Kiernan Kelly – “Something To Celebrate” – Hudson is alone, has a bubbly six-year old daughter who loves unicorns and glitter, and a birthday party to throw the very next day. Enter Joe, a party planner with a killer smile, who might be the answer to all of Hudson’s problems.

We’ve been raising money at each of our events for local Habitat For Humanity chapters, and we will continue that with the proceeds from this anthology. Here are the ways that YOU can help support our charity this year by purchasing the BOOKISH BITS & BITES: CELEBRATIONS anthology…

Preferred – buying from PayHip allows the largest percentage of the purchase price to be donated.
Ebook copies are available immediately, print copies will be shipped after sales end on Feb 27th.
Barnes & Noble | Amazon | Amazon CA| Google Books | Kobo

Huge thanks go to the authors who contributed the stories for this, and to each of you who buys a copy. Please know that your support is very much appreciated.

Coastal Magic 2022 Is Going Virtual

There is no easy way to say this, so I figured I’d start with the most important info in the headline.

Due to the rising Covid numbers in many areas of the country, especially in Florida, and concerns that have been brought to my attention by both authors and attendees, I’m no longer confident we can have a safe event.

All author and attendee registrations and information will be transferred forward to our 2023 event. Anyone who has completed both the EventBrite registration and their PayPal payment for the 2022 event will receive an email confirmation that they’ve been moved forward to 2023. (No refunds will be issued. If you would like to transfer your registration to someone else, that option will still be available and we can work out those details.) You should receive cancellation verification from the hotel when they release our room block.

I know this is disappointing. I know some of you will be upset about the change. I completely understand. But as heartbroken as I am about having to make this decision now, it’s nothing compared to how devastated I would be if I asked you all here, and you got sick. Judging from the messages and emails I’ve received in the last week, I think some of you expected this may happen, before I ever considered it. I know many of you have been on the fence about attending, even if you already registered. I hope, despite how sad we all are about this change, you will agree it’s the safest thing for us right now.

If you’re reading this early in the day on Thursday, I’ll be at work. I’ll check in when I get home, and will be available to answer questions and hear your ideas for what you’d like to see in our virtual weekend. I hope you’ll still join us for some fun conversation and lots of games and interactions with our authors. Still February 24-27, 2022.

I’m holding on to the silver lining, and looking forward to finding ways to celebrate our 10th anniversary with you at a distance. I’d love to hear what kinds of things you’d be interested in seeing/doing with us that weekend.

I’ll have more details to share in the coming days.
I’ll be on social media later today for general chatting, and always available via email.

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