Some Changes For Coastal Magic Convention 2018

Hi all!!

Believe it or not, I’m not quite finished with my wrap up post from this year’s Coastal Magic. I’ll have that ready to share soon (getting permission to use some pics, and a few other hangups.)

HOWEVER… I wanted to let everyone know about a couple of pretty big changes for next year’s shindig.

First: Since we’re located in Daytona, and we get together in February, we’ve got to maneuver around “all things NASCAR”. Next year, the 500 moves up a week, and has basically thrown the whole tourist industry in town into a tizzy, lol!! We’ve had to move our convention weekend from the beginning of the month to the end. Next year’s Coastal Magic will be Feb 22-25. I get that this is going to be hard for some people, and that upsets me, but this is the best we can do for next year. Hopefully, we can get back to our regular weekend in 2019.


Second: Because of the race week change, and because I don’t contract out for multiple years at a time, our beloved Hilton is not available for us to use next year. While there are many things that made the Hilton a fantastic host for us, they weren’t the only option in town. One of my favorite hotels on the beach (and the runner up when I originally chose the Hilton) IS available, so we’ll be doing the 4 mile shuffle south to work with them next year!!

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As you might have noticed… The Shores is about a third the size of the hotel we’re used to (my estimate), but it is absolutely large enough for our group. It has a much warmer, cozy feel, which I think fits our casual vibe perfectly. They are the only AAA Four Diamond hotel in the area (with great reviews to match), and they seem determined to make us feel at home.

I’ll have more details about the hotel, and the other opportunities in the area up on the Hotel/Travel page of this site in the next few days.

For now… I just wanted to share the news, and give everyone a chance to mark their calendars and start making plans. I’d love to see you all (well… 300 of you, lol) next February, by the beach!!

7 Comments on “Some Changes For Coastal Magic Convention 2018

  1. Does this mean that only 300 readers can attend? I’m confused by your last comment about seeing 300…

    • Our attendance cap has always been 300. It’s kept low, intentionally, so that we all are able to mingle and/or relax as we like, and no one gets overwhelmed. Keeping a low author/reader ratio allows everyone a chance to meet and chat with each other. 🙂

  2. Yes…Jennifer maxes the convention out at 300 attendees.

  3. The Shores is a great/beautiful hotel. Can’t wait, I’m sure it will be wonderful.

  4. I am unable to use the link below to sign up for the newsletter. A bummer since I won’t be able to attend the event and had hoped for the newsletter at least. And I don’t do Facebook so I can’t sign up there. Help?

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