Would YOU like to be a Featured Blogger at #CMCon17?

It may seem a bit strange to be sending out an “all call” for our 2017 Featured Bloggers, considering we just wrapped up the 2016 event less than a month ago. But our Featured Bloggers play a multitude of roles during the planning and prep of each year’s Coastal Magic, and it takes a little bit of time to put together just the right group.

blogI’m looking for bloggers who love urban fantasy, paranormal and romance… the stories and the authors. Along with helping to spread the word about the con, itself, Featured Bloggers work with our Featured Authors for spotlight promos during the summer and fall. We also have a few online “special events”, so participation in those will be important, as well. Then, when Coastal Magic weekend arrives, Featured Bloggers make up part of our “staff”, which helps prep and manage *ALL OF THE THINGS*, along with moderating our panels.

Yes, it’s a boatload of work… and all on a volunteer basis… but I hope that each person selected for a Featured Blogger position finds the same joy in the process, and pride in the end result, that I do. (And there will be a few perks along the way, which I hope will ease the burden a bit :).)

I’m looking for bloggers who are enthusiastic, creative, and dedicated. Having a large blog readership is a great asset, but it’s not necessarily the most important one. I’ll be looking for people who engage their audience, who have fun with the process of sharing book and author information, and who can work as part of a team to make Coastal Magic successful.

If you’re interested in joining us as a 2017 Featured Blogger, please email me via the form on the Contact page (be sure to select the “blogger” title), and include your blog’s URL. I would also love to hear how you learned about Coastal Magic, and why you would like to participate. I’ll be spending the next few weeks going through requests, and will be sending additional details to those I think would be a good fit for our team. My goal is to announce our new Featured Bloggers during the first week of April.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and feel free to share this with other bloggers you know who may be interested. One of my favorite parts of this process is discovering lots of “new to me” bloggers to follow, even if they aren’t selected for a Featured Blogger position. I can’t wait to get to know all of you!!

6 Comments on “Would YOU like to be a Featured Blogger at #CMCon17?

  1. Would love to  

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  2. Hi there! Quick question: I’m an urban fantasy author who’s going to start their author website/blog soon (I’m working on the squarespace platform right now in fact). Would love to be a part of this community and be a guest blogger as well. Not sure if you are looking for someone already set up/established, or if you’d be interested in someone that’s getting ready to bolt out the gate? BTW, I’m in South Florida so can’t wait for your next Coastal Magic convention 🙂

    • Hi Vince. Let me know when you get your ducks in their rows, and I’ll check everything out. Thanks for getting in touch, and welcome to the neighborhood!

  3. Reblogged this on Books, Coffee, and Crafts News and commented:
    Coastal Magic Convention is a not only awesome, but very laid back and just plain fun. A definite convention you don’t want to miss. Hopefully you will be hearing lots about CMCon2017 from me here, as I would love to be a featured blogger for them.

    • It was great to meet you, Tamye. I’m going through blogger requests, and will be getting in touch with people soon. 🙂

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